Landscape Photography Tips: Wildflower Sunrise in Idaho

Landscape Photography Tips: Wildflower Sunrise in Idaho Join me on this shoot in Idaho as I shoot landscape photography while the sun rises over a beautiful field of wildflowers. In t…
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25 Responses to Landscape Photography Tips: Wildflower Sunrise in Idaho

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  2. Jim Harmer says:

    @bigbikes750 A little venom never hurt anybody, right?

  3. Plat4mDevelopment says:

    Great shot. I agreed with what you shared. I am stuck on something
    currently. I’ve learned about focus stacking and I think that would have
    helped in your photo in order to preserve detail in the backgrouind. But
    I”m trying to figure out if it’s possible to focus stack AND bracket. I
    have a sense of how to do that in camera. But then what? Not sure how to
    handle that post production. Wondering if anyone has any comments?
    Regardless, great shot and thanks for sharing Jim!

  4. Ruth Vilmi says:

    Awesome! Thank you!

  5. David Bolton says:

    did you use photomatix to combine them or photoshop?

  6. bleyland629 says:

    Hi Jim, were do you focus ? I cant figure it out 🙂

  7. Mattie Cynthia says:

    Afternoon! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My work
    buddy Annie made some stunning pictures with their video lessons.

  8. Jim Harmer says:

    Cry. Just cry.

  9. Peter B says:

    Nice video Jim. Well Done. Hope theres no snakes in the marsh . Cheers
    Buddy Peter

  10. mazen42007 says:

    Great shots

  11. amazinggadgets says:

    I thought you weren’t suppose to soak your tripod past the first segment in
    the legs. o_O

  12. Markster Lew says:

    What camera and lens do you use?

  13. Michael Greene says:

    I tell you how to handle it. The easiest way is to manually adjust all your
    exposures so little correction is needed in PS and then blend for depth of
    field. After you have the depth of field blend – you can work on the
    dynamic range. Either that or next time use graduated ND filters and just
    focus stack.

  14. Treven Wong says:

    what lens did you use? beautiful photography!

  15. Candido says:

    @Pellum151 I wonder what you think makes a good photograph.

  16. Michael Greene says:

    The blending techniques are pretty simple since the camera didn’t move and
    assuming there is no movement in the flowers. You can manually blend in
    Photoshop using layer masks. If you need more info email me…

  17. Peter B says:

    Jim I forgot to ask you. Were you using any type of filters on your lens
    for these shots?? Thanks

  18. Chrisle6969 says:

    Amazing shots!

  19. Fish says:

    What would you do if your camera fell off your tripod at the end of the
    video? 😉

  20. Jim Harmer says:

    @bigbikes750 No filters for any of these shots. If I wouldn’t have
    forgotten it in the car, I would have used a graduated neutral density
    filter. Since I forgot it, I shot in HDR.

  21. Brody Jones says:

    nikon d7000 and tokina 11-16

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