Landscape Photography Equipment

Sharing my thoughts on landscape photography equipment, running through the contents of my camera bag, my camera and lenses and accessories I choose to use f…
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9 Responses to Landscape Photography Equipment

  1. Will Gibson says:

    Thanks for the video man, really helps that there are people like you out

  2. OnlinePhotographyCourses says:

    Thanks for your thoughts on all your photography equipment… I especially
    like the backpack you are using

  3. Jonny Royale says:

    I’m just in the decision stage of wether or not to buy this bag as i need
    more room for my ever growing kit, think you have just made my mind up with
    this excellent video, cheers

  4. Nathan Gonzalez says:

    approximately how much is all of the gear in that bag worth? My guess is in
    the 10,000 USD range 

  5. TheShaxson says:

    One quick thing, when showing photos, please may you add the actually
    settings you used when taking that photo.

  6. TheShaxson says:

    Brilliant video!

  7. sturousephoto says:

    Thanks for your comments TheShaxson. I will add settings in my future
    videos, as requested. But for this video, in order of appearance, the
    settings for the images are as follows: 1. Monbazillac Chateau 97mm, f/16,
    1.6 seconds, ISO100 2. Chesterton Windmill 17mm, f/22, ISO 100, 3 images
    processed as HDR in HDR Efex Pro 2 3. Pyrenees 300mm, f/16, 1/200 sec, ISO
    100 4. Toulouse Capitolium 15mm fisheye, f/11, 15 seconds, ISO100

  8. jamescphotography says:

    Where did you get that little mat from in the blue bag

  9. Tilburger72 says:

    Thanks for your great video. It’s nice to see how other people does things.
    I also want to buy a ND filter for landscapes and to create blurry water.
    Unfortunatelly good stuff is so expensive. You said you have a 10 stop B+W
    screw on, but also the hitech filters. Which type would you advise and how
    many stops ND filter should I look at to start with? Thanks

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