Know Your Camera – A Beginner’s Photography Tutorial

A short educational video explaining the basic functions of your camera. Produced By The Learning Connexion School of Art and Creativity Directed by Vanessa …
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9 Responses to Know Your Camera – A Beginner’s Photography Tutorial

  1. Ciadoz Sign says:

    Pentax Camera .

  2. sasko teovski says: trick Photography book with basic camera,it just
    what this article can teach you,results are incredible…

  3. christian brucelo says:

    Shooting with my Nikon D7000 with a 75-300mm lens, I find it pretty easy to
    land an object in frame if you keep both eyes open and train yourself to
    spot with the uncovered eye and target with the camera on the other. Takes
    a little practice and warming up every time I’m out, but once I click in I
    can track and target pretty fast and keep my subject center frame.
    What I’m curious about is, with a prime, how do you deal with the varying
    distances that you get to your subjects? I have had to vary my focal length
    many times to catch an opportunistic shot. I couldn’t see myself going
    anywhere without a zoom.

  4. Tara G says:

    Hello, I am new to this channel. I like the description of photography 101
    in this video; I am looking for exercises that I can learn and practice to
    improve my brand new skills as a beginner photographer, do you have any
    exercises? Thank you for the video. :)

  5. geraldevil says:

    thank you for this video very helpful!

  6. thenedman1 says:

    what camera is that

  7. EODtchwon says:

    good video for us nobs.

  8. lolly2020 says:

    thank you so much !! this was very helpful !!

  9. thenewsun56 says:

    really good. exacly what i am looking for.

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