Jana Williams Photography Tips on Head shots: Editing

Jana Williams Photography Tips on Head shots: Editing

In this video I show you how I edit headshots in Photoshop.
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20 Responses to Jana Williams Photography Tips on Head shots: Editing

  1. Jana Williams says:

    I shoot weddings in Raw but portraits in jpeg if the lighting is controled

  2. Jana Williams says:

    Yes I don’t know what I would do without the tablet

  3. Jana Williams says:

    Yup Im from Hayden Alabama

  4. Jana Williams says:

    stayla!!! Love you! Miss you!

  5. Jana Williams says:

    Thanks Kin! Me and Dave painted it!

  6. abselby says:

    I see you are correct, ab shots of your husband are cute! lol

  7. Sabine Metz says:

    Oooph, your destructive way of retouching kinda makes me cringe.

  8. StayLAStyle says:

    Love seeing new videos from you! <3

  9. suzanne burke says:

    hi jana iam super in to photography had my frist photography class when
    i was ten and now iam 13 and it is i fravert thing 

  10. jitha000 says:

    which do you think is better to save in .png or .jpeg? I’ve read that,
    .jpeg’s tend to lose the quality of the image.

  11. britota says:

    I looooove your work miss Jana. Please keep them videos comin’. They are so

  12. jabbalily says:

    Hey Jana, I am loving your tutorials and your photos. I love this tutorial
    too! Could you also do a tutorial on editting an engagement photo or
    females in general pls?

  13. TheHumbleKnowItAll says:

    Thank you for the great video! Are you from Alabama? I live in Huntsville:)

  14. Britt Renee says:

    Do you shoot in RAW or jpeg?! I did see you had .jpg’s but wasn’t sure if
    maybe they had been converted to a different file.

  15. Tom Carpenter says:

    Your soft voice is so sexy.

  16. jadoreO1 says:

    Awesome video Jana! I get so excited everytime you make these vids!! 😀

  17. aemu says:

    I like the simplicity of your editing! I’m a photoshop noob myself, and
    changing the opacity of the clone tool is brilliant! I am inspired. C:

  18. Antonia B. says:

    Lucky you, Jana, lucky you.

  19. Kin Community says:

    So helpful! Your background & desk area is so pretty! Love the striped
    walls 🙂

  20. Ilene Squires says:

    Jana, are you using a tablet to edit on?

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