iPad Photography App: Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, Adorama Photography TV

Adorama Photography TV presents the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. This week Mark Wallace demos the iPad Camera Connection Kit. The connection kit gives y…
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23 Responses to iPad Photography App: Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, Adorama Photography TV

  1. Adzzzz1 says:

    Very helpful thanks

  2. Nadiya J says:

    hey can you do a video on connecting a webcam with the camera kit?

  3. dingo27mobile says:

    Lol i pad is so useless it even dont have an USB? Aplle should wake up and
    start making devinces good for 21st century. I dont see a point to buy
    anything for useless device when proper device has SD or USB in it.

  4. CASA says:

    Does the file store on the iPad in the original format and how can I
    transfer all those photos to a pc once I return from a vacation?

  5. tutoriales3minutos says:

    Yes you can

  6. hiimchris says:

    Nevermind. I just finished the video. It wont work.

  7. Pepe Vazquez says:

    how do i thered a 5dmark II WIRELESS to my ipad ??? so i can show the
    pictures to the client as fast as im taking them??? somebody knows without
    jailbreaking it…

  8. zygote peyote says:

    Mark, Can you shoot tethered with an ipad so you can see your exposure
    right after it is taken as opposed to the smaller lcd on the dslr?

  9. thinktankmultimedia says:

    iPad is a compelling device. I just want it to work like a maxi iphone!
    Nice Review

  10. WanWarrior says:

    The latest cck model have all of those in one. Mine have 3 USB ports and u
    can do file management(not just photos or videos) amongs devices using the
    ipad as the file transfering hub with the iFile app(unfortunately only for
    JB ipad)

  11. Manuel Mar says:


  12. thinktankmultimedia says:

    @tayzlor What would make the ipad work even better is if it had live
    tethering to get a bigger review!

  13. EJ Blom says:

    Why can’t I view the pictures directly from the camera/SD card? I can’t
    figure out why Apple developers have not enabled this feature…. instead,
    I am forced to import the pictures to my ipad, not cool.

  14. hiimchris says:

    What if you plug in a flash drive to the usb. will it bring up all the

  15. mdettec says:

    Can you connect the ipad to a bluetooth device such as the Polaroid PoGo or
    the Polaroid Grey label? If not, can you connect it via usb and camera
    connector kit? I am able to connect my iMAC via bluetooth to both devices
    so I was wondering if I could do the same with the iPAD. thanks!

  16. Moon Shine Down says:

    hyper drive and camera connector kit ftw

  17. Saritkhun says:

    Can u actually use ipad screen directly instead of lcd screen on the camera
    ? Like i literally need to view my shooting in a bigger screen while im

  18. ZagatoZee says:

    if only the iPad had basic things like an SD card slot or a USB port,
    like… well any portable computing device made in the last 8+ years built
    into it from the start.

  19. Flowtime says:

    @hercules101 the att plan is month to month plan that you can jump on
    anytime you want. You don’t have to use the plan at all if you don’t want to

  20. mediadhanjal says:

    its a shame that you cant view the photos in full screen before importing…

  21. Saritkhun says:

    how does it work then?

  22. hercules101 says:

    if i get the Ipad 3g, does that mean i have to get the att service plan? or
    can i use my wifi for a while?

  23. zhpenn says:

    is there any app can show pics while shooting? somthing like EYE-FI stuff,
    but EYE FY is kinda slow and need to buy a special card. is there any
    “cable” way to do this?

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