Ideas for photography competition?

Question by Greenie: Ideas for photography competition?
Im starting a photography competition but I do not have any ideas for it. Can anyone help me with a theme for the contest? Something differen’t. Not like ‘nature’ or ‘buildings’ or something. I’d like something really different! Thankyou!

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Answer by Little Miss Murder
it depends what sort of photography you mean,

you could do something like gothic fairytales or something,
have the Constance re-create a scene from their favorite fairytale but put a gothic/sinister twist on it,

i have seen this done before and it has been very succesful

hope this helps


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  1. tikitorchbob says:

    Well, I guess no matter what, you’re going to have to use generalized categories, otherwise you’ll end up with a bunch of the same images. Things like reflections, a particular body part, symmetry (or asymmetry), sacred, decay, or a color would probably be pretty good candidates.

  2. MeFikrah says:

    city life
    night photography

    there are countless,, just be specific on which type do you want them to focus on

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