ideas for fast and slow shutter speed photos..?

Question by S s : ideas for fast and slow shutter speed photos..?
i need some slow and fast shutter speed ideas for photos for a photography assignment at school and im looking for some creative and unusual ideas that are simple but effective?

please help..


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Answer by Lover not a Fighter
Fast is more difficult because it is hard to time it. But one of the easier way to CATCH something to shoot something repetitious (like a juggler, or somebody throwing a yo-yo, helicopter hovering but with the rotor blade absolutely frozen).

As for slow, you are looking for blur. So it would be DIFFERENT if something is blurred + not blurred. So you can have somebody stand ABSOLUTELY still while everybody else is moving around.

Then there is the camera blur:

Then you can mix slow shutter + flash to get blur and freezed action
professors love it when you make them think. So you can get an image where it is difficult to tell if it was fast or slow shutter, they would like that. EX: SMOKE. You can shoot the slow moving smoke in slow shutter or fast.

Was that take with fast or slow shutter?

Good luck…

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  1. Meister says:

    omgosh! For slow shutter speeds you could do so many awesome things. I LOVE making light drawings. Set your shutter speeds to an extremely slow rate, several seconds should be fine. Set yourself into a completely dark room and then take any kind of light source such as a laser and start drawing! What you could do is have your camera face a blank wall and you can write on the wall with the laser and that would work. Raving in front of your camera with glow sticks or any other light source is also really cool. Another thing you could try is to set your shutter time to an abysmally slow rate and leave it out facing the moon/star for a night =].

    As for fast shutter speeds, you could take action photos of course. Maybe go to a sporting event at your school and capture some close up action shots.

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