How to Use Manual Camera Settings: Cristina Viseu’s Videography Vlog

How to Use Manual Camera Settings: Cristina Viseu's Videography Vlog

In this videography vlog, Cristina takes you though the manual settings on your camera. Face your fear and learn to use the manual settings! She also demonst…

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24 Responses to How to Use Manual Camera Settings: Cristina Viseu’s Videography Vlog

  1. Atiyya Creates Things says:

    Why should you use manual over A priority or S priority? It seems to me that in most situations, only the aperture or the shutter speed matter at one time, and the other settings just need to be adjusted to accommodate for that.

  2. MrKlausKinsky says:

    I think a good starting point for beginners is the “sunny f/16” rule, which teaches you sooo much about light and exposure!
    (just look up sunny 16 Rule on wikipedia!)

  3. JohnnyDystar says:

    O Sweet Potato Cakes!

  4. NaJHaikezeh says:

    Thanks! I didn’t know that the aperture controlled the blurriness.

  5. Alex Currie says:

    Brilliant. Thanks 🙂

  6. Daniel martinez says:

    Basically you want to keep your subject properly lit while more or less ignoring any bright lights since they’ll be blown out anyway. Keep in mind also that your aperture range decreases the more you zoom, so getting close to the subject and shooting wide angle will give you the option for a much brighter image than shooting on a telephoto from half a mile away. Also the shorter the focal length of your lens the wider the depth of field so more of the image will be sharp.

  7. Daniel martinez says:

    In a concert situation your distance from your subject is going to affect a lot of what you can get away with. You’ll want to set your shutter first to make sure action isn’t too blurry (2 x focal length is a good rule of thumb you can fudge a bit on to avoid blur at distance) So if you’re on a 50mm lens 100 shutter should be about right. Next set your aperture based on distance for wide shots you’ll want higher (5 or 6) for tight shots you can use a 1.8 or 2. Then adjust your iso accordingly.

  8. Daniel martinez says:

    Figured I should add on caveat for anyone shooting video. In general when shooting video on a DSLR you want to make sure you keep your shutter speed at least double your frame rate. Most video enabled DSLR’s these days shoot at 24p by default so you’d want to have at least a shutter of 48 or you get a high risk of a rolling shutter effect. This is less important shooting a relatively static subject like our blogger here but if you’re moving the camera your image can turn to jello.

  9. Robert Mair says:

    Love the hat. Very good summary, digital cameras, automatic settings and Photoshop have almost destroyed the true photo-artist.

  10. Eric M says:

    With those teeth, those cracked lips and an inch thick layer of makeup?

    Are you kidding, or blind?

  11. Brinston Ladd says:

    She is so cute

  12. mg2380 says:

    Great video!

  13. Mark Lim says:

    I’ve taken 3 college semesters of photography and you’ve explained it a lot easier than my teacher.

  14. UndeadOoze says:

    As someone who has studied photography I can say that you really are very clear at explaining this. I’d just like to remind people that if you do use a slower shutterspeed you need to have steady hands or use a tripod – particularly if you have a heavier camera – using a timer can also help, as when you press the button to snap the picture you move the camera slightly. Great video!

  15. Yakumo Fujii says:

    Since it is near Halloween what type of camera equipment/settings would your recommend for those of us who do Paranormal investigations?

  16. Alex Currie says:

    Any suggestions for shooting at concerts?
    Low-light ambient (but strong backlights on stage), long focal length and with movement? Usually set it to “sports/action” mode, but I either get super blurry nothing or crazy over-exposed light patterns blocking people OR it’s really noisey…

  17. bonusnox says:

    Gotta love them sexy, sexy desserts.

  18. AllTheAfterthoughts says:


  19. Aiironic says:

    Thank you so much! This was really great information wise and you were super clear. 🙂

  20. Tucker McKinzie says:

    I could literally listen to you talk about this for hours, you are very good at explaining the situations and options and I wish you were a teacher….. :'(

  21. misterben000 says:

    I took some photo classes in college and have been using slr and dslr cameras for my own amateur hobby photography over the last ten years. Your videos are like a refresher course. I’ve honestly been in a photo slump for a while now and these videos are helping to boost my enthusiasm for photography back up. THanks!

  22. tokinGLX says:

    thank you for the concise and well articulated rundown of all that stuff i dont ever deal with!

  23. Don Diego says:

    Dat hat.

  24. Sammy Tortoise says:

    Why isn’t this stuff explained in the manual with the camera?

    Thanks for explaining 😀

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