How to use a 5-in-1 reflector for photography

Here is the reflector I recommend:…

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23 Responses to How to use a 5-in-1 reflector for photography

  1. video dslr tutorial says:

    The captions made me laugh a lot

  2. TyroneCLove says:

    eww, shaky cam…

  3. Super9112008 says:

    but you didn’t show how black reflector works

  4. Don Brown says:

    I bought my 32 inch 5-1 for $14.95 and I have a holder arm that fits on one
    of my light stands, so I don’t need a second person to hold it for me.

  5. TheShon615 says:

    0:45 $20??? the link that you sent has a $100 reflector! i would have
    bought it right now if it was $20!

  6. Fahim Rahimi says:

    thanks man 🙂

  7. David Veeneman says:

    Nice tutorial–thanks.

  8. YakMan NC says:

    love her beautiful blue eyes with the reflector!

  9. Sensei Tay says:

    She’s cute!

  10. Verttech4 says:

    I really liked the 2nd photo with that reflector. Made her eyes glow in an
    awesome way. 😀

  11. Guy Hoang says:

    Good stuff

  12. Marie Wheeler says:

    thank you so much for that and that helps me so much

  13. Pedro Rivera says:


  14. MC Escher says:

    Thanks for the demonstration! I was curious how these worked and I loved
    how the gold made the model’s eyes pop.

  15. randy moo says:

    Nice tutorial…watched on my my phone and didn’t have any audio issues. It
    wasn’t perfect but def was good enough

  16. MarchLikeTheMonth says:

    looks like you are starting with soft light to begin with

  17. Kate Feider says:

    I just used my reflector this afternoon. Love the white side, like the gold
    and yes I hate that silver side out in the sun. But I used it (the silver)
    the other day at a shaded graffiti wall and it was SWEET!

  18. Shaun Brown says:

    She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen for a long time… WOW.
    Would love to do a photoshoot with her

  19. marissa1nonly says:

    your model is SOOOOO cute! she’s just smiles! Wish all my models were that


    she has the most beautiful eyes i have ever seen on a women, and i’m not
    just saying that.

  21. Ryan Kim says:

    asdf asdfa asdf

  22. prosoft dc says:

    hahahahahaha 😀

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