How to Understand Shutter Speed and Aperture

A quick reference to understand how each has it’s own unique value. Learn about light balance and how to easily and effectively make quick decisions.

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9 Responses to How to Understand Shutter Speed and Aperture

  1. Sedki Jguirim says:

    Great i love it

  2. Benjamin Howard says:

    5.6 or larger** so confusing at first

  3. Benjamin Howard says:

    Curios what would happen with the light behind her if you used a slower
    shutter speed &/or larger aperture like 5.6 or lower? New to DSLRs

  4. Duo Maria says:

    Shes tired from the pose

  5. burd1234 says:

    Great video Doug as always mate a great and very informative video.

  6. heftybuttocks says:

    Final image shown first… out of sequence?

  7. Mixel85 says:

    Nice, but I guess she is tired to stay like this for such a long time while
    you’re speaking 😉

  8. Flavio Presutti says:

    Great as always!!!

  9. rockstar1070 says:

    Where is the final image????

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