How To: Timelapse Photography – Cinematographer Ricki Bedenbaugh- In Focus

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25 Responses to How To: Timelapse Photography – Cinematographer Ricki Bedenbaugh- In Focus

  1. RIDE Channel says:

    A skateboarding video staple … learn timelapse with cinematographer Ricki
    Bedenbaugh an this week’s In Focus! if you have tutorials you would like to
    see, let us know in the comments!

  2. Kris Zelvis says:

    Great help mate- thank you !

  3. Tom Peters says:

    1:31 did any one else see the yellow truck with a skateboarding rhino on

  4. taintedfilm says:

    best way, film the background first, then film the skater, then I’m fcp use
    a mask layer,

  5. Kyle Seal says:

    I’m not sure he did, I don’t think most go to college. A lot of it is self
    taught, I’ve self taught myself with Final Cut and Photoshop and soon
    Lightroom and I’m only 16. Normally you do have to choose one or the other
    and have the other as just a hobbie. It’s unfortunate you have to choose,
    but that’s how it normally is. You can learn many things from Yahoo!
    Answers and blogs or postboards. Just keep experimenting, you’ll get there!

  6. Harrison Gayton says:

    What about an In Focus about shooting photo sequences and compositing them
    as one image in Photoshop?

  7. PoiBoyProductions1 says:

    Final Cut rendering…we meet again…

  8. kerr bilsland says:

    Do one on how to color grade properly !!

  9. Asian Joe says:

    What is the best way to export a time lapse video with the best qualities?
    i tried exporting as a Quicktime/animation, but my video ended up freezing
    after playing for a couple seconds

  10. TheSteezFilms says:


  11. Anthony Masterson says:


  12. Low SquaD says:

    I’m new to filming and just started editing and filming with my friends!
    Check out my channel guys! i have two videos up so far and i want to know
    what people think. If I’m doing okay or anything. I’m open to criticism
    because it will only make me better! if you have time check my videos out
    and i hope you like them 😀

  13. DunnRightVideo says:

    The EX1 / EX1r also does a great timelapse and you can set your shutter
    speed to get motion blur. DSLR is great for night shots when shooting
    stars. A video camera will not get the details of a star shoot.

  14. zegers84 says:

    I have to try this After Effects program. It looks great. I think I have
    run all the options in my PowerDirector and want to learn more.


    there should be some how to’s on editing

  16. LORD BRZA says:

    you could also use magic lantern

  17. PAskater96 says:

    Can a vx2100 time lapse plz help

  18. 85transam says:

    awesome! thank you!

  19. Ben Ericson says:

    This is kind of way too complex. You export the photos directly from
    Quicktime Pro into a Pro Res File or anything else, that way you don’t have
    to deal with after effects, and it cuts the steps down… Not everybody has
    after effects… You also won’t have to render everything.

  20. MyFuneralopolis says:

    An instruction video on filming lines would be nice. I feel okay doing them
    for the most part, but I’m always bumping into things (walls, poles, cracks
    in concrete, the skater, haha) or I either get way behind or way too close.
    I just need some basics I guess, haha

  21. theneovas1 says:

    How to perfect filming lines

  22. Antwuan Dixon says:

    Really interesting watch! Thanks Ride!

  23. cameronmarkin says:

    you’ve only spent one so far?

  24. MattLikesToComment says:


  25. TravisDoyon says:


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