How to Take The Perfect Selfie

How to Take The Perfect Selfie

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  1. Michelle Phan says:

    No more duck faces please! Here’s how to take the PERFECT SELFIE! Don’t
    forget to share this video! Sharing is caring ♥

  2. Michelle Phan says:

    Perfect your selfie 🙂

  3. Bella N. says:

    Your so photogenic

  4. Sarah Michelle-Summer-Steele Yun says:

    How are you so Beautiful and photogenic?

  5. Kimmy Queen says:

    I love videos like these!

  6. Praneetha Surukuntu says:

    thanks for the video. this helped me a lot.

  7. Praneetha Surukuntu says:

    thanks for the video. this helped me a lot.

  8. Zena Wood says:

    Love ur tee!

  9. Cameron Aria Blaikier says:

    YOU’RE JUST TOO AWESOME!!! <3 LOVE YA!!! and thank you! 🙂

  10. Aine Flynn says:


  11. Rimiri ami says:

    I saw you on taff lol 😀

  12. Lisa Celine says:

    wer ist hier auch nur wegen taff? 🙂

  13. JenniTheLipgloss says:

    bin nur eegen taff hier 😀

  14. BlueberryMuffiins says:

    you were on german tv 😀

  15. Laura P. says:

    This Video is in the German Tv 😀 !

  16. Phoebe Lilly says:

    great now all I have to do is be absolutely stunning and gorgeous

  17. SKGR95 says:

    Is that and iPhone 5C ?

  18. Demi Love says:

    Gawd ur so pretty ;__;

  19. livelifemaryleah says:

    I’d like to invite anyone reading this to check out my channel! I make
    beauty videos too! And I’d love to sub back any one who subs to me!

  20. Hannah Harris says:

    I have the green iPod

  21. Vivvian Lane says:

    All you have to do to make good selfies is be you. Most people aren’t as
    pretty as you.

  22. Nickelle Bartholomew says:

    this is perfect! now I need to not be ugly and I’m set

  23. Stephanie Torres says:

    omg you do very good videos.

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