How to Take Pictures of Wild Animals

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25 Responses to How to Take Pictures of Wild Animals

  1. cowgal1994 says:

    OMG! It’s a killer bunny! Run away!

  2. Janskleig says:

    oh yeah!

  3. kamakazi612 says:

    why would you need a tri pod if you can’t leave your car?

  4. Daniel Motzer says:

    @nessi96 that’s cause you’re a sad little white man.

  5. locochepo says:

    good tips to take pics of my mother in law!!

  6. cookiecamp says:

    ‘faster animals mean faster lens’ WTF faster shutter speed

  7. kimberly m says:

    @eleetgamer hes cool

  8. TigerSlashX says:

    no one cares

  9. sinmiedoacreer says:

    Or whatever…

  10. webkinzlover1217 says:

    i think i have those bunny ears

  11. phfrankh says:

    …and never grab your camera when bear is pawing at your tent while
    camping. (:(0

  12. Thegirlnextdoor42 says:

    I will most likely take a picture of my sister…no need for a safari! Haha

  13. BinkieMcFartnuggets says:

    It’s much easier to just drive around and find a dead gazelle to photograph
    up close before the hyenas come.

  14. MonkeyBoy2194 says:

    lol nice props and animals

  15. shameusyo says:

    snap and run…

  16. Evan Florenz says:

    since when did a bunny attack a person??

  17. Twilight2798 says:

    1:09 is he ok? he looks like he is constipated

  18. Thegirlnextdoor42 says:

    I was joking of course

  19. xDuetx says:

    then why do you watch, Negative Nancy?

  20. PoLaRIV says:

    Scary Kid lol

  21. FischerPhotography says:

    Wow…this was pointless….

  22. KnightsbridgeAce says:

    Good video

  23. Davidz555 says:

    next they will tell us how to eat and take a shit

  24. okpapereat says:

    na i don’t think there running out of ideas photographers will love this
    idea and im not even one and i like it

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