How to Take Great Portrait Photos

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25 Responses to How to Take Great Portrait Photos

  1. Michael Parayan says:

    I feel like i’m james bond while watching this. This video will
    self-destruct in 5…. 4….. 3…… 2….. 1….

  2. tumblingallupinyourface says:

    That girl is beautiful I can’t even

  3. Maggie Mihaylova says:

    Great smile 🙂 nice tips :)

  4. AniSoftwares says:

    Great for those who are even 10% serious about having a great profile

    Finally …..just what we have been looking for….cheap , professional and

  5. theatrefilmgirl says:

    Why would you want the sun hitting directly to the subjects face?

  6. Siddharth Gupta says:

    Guys want to learn how to take portrait? Watch this. #potrait
    #photography #canon #canonphotography 

  7. Stymie Beard says:

    Beautiful model you have there. Her eyes are gorgeous!

  8. Photoshop Queen says:

    Useful tutorial. Thanks.

  9. Ricardo Clark says:

    @esponert105 lmbo…That is so true and Thankx. I needed that

  10. twolate2l00k says:

    if it is a crop sensor camera then it would be like a 32mm lense

  11. A Singh says:

    “Good luck”, you said it.

  12. airma89 says:

    with no happy ending

  13. xSLWRTHNUx says:

    So many wrong tips in here. Good tips for “newbies” but I’ll stick to my
    own techniques.

  14. stacy6903 says:

    Well ok – a 50mm would be better that way.

  15. Colin Gimenez says:

    Focal lengths such as 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm are used because of the
    perspective. Using a wide angle such as a 20mm lens would definitely
    exaggerate the subject’s facial features to a point where it wouldn’t be
    very flattering. The perspective of a 20mm lens looks the same weather it’s
    on a large format, medium format, full frame, APS-C, or micro four thirds
    camera. The smaller the sensor, the less of a window the camera has to
    capture the image. Zoom is perspective, crop is the window.

  16. Dawid Cylke says:

    f4 is far from good?! Are you kidding me? Compare sharpness of 1.4 and 4.0

  17. Magnus Högfeldt says:

    It’s OK for portraits at 85mm, but you need good lighting. It’s not a great
    indoor lens, except maybe at the widest end.

  18. Bartyx Gaming says:

    She looks like Lily from HIMYM

  19. Wang Liao says:

    excellent one

  20. Joe Blow says:

    It still has barrel distortion at close range.

  21. kitarpyar says:

    The key for the 20mm lens was F1.7

  22. MrJohnpuller says:

    Step 1.) Buy NIKON. No more steps…

  23. Marcus Windmark says:

    It is definitely strange in a video titled as “How to take great portrait
    photos” where they don’t even say what camera they uses. He’s using what
    seems like a Four Third-camera, making a 20mm lens act like 40 mm (there
    around) on a full frame camera 🙂

  24. StreetKingKry says:

    @bry0000000 i think it is because of the 1.4 aperture , you can get with
    that aperture some nice bokeh.

  25. aneasyloginname says:

    you mean…sounds like a porno

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