How to Take a Photo (w/ Key and Peele)

Learn how to take the perfect duo photo. “Key & Peele” Season 3 returns to Comedy Central on September 18th. Featuring Key & Peele. Check them out on http://…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to How to Take a Photo (w/ Key and Peele)

  1. SasukeIsPwnage says:

    …what about the letter h?

  2. JesseNy says:

    Haha dropshadow.

  3. tom parr says:

    but first let me take a selfie…

  4. Jay Ryze says:

    Dropped Shadow is awesome :D

  5. BETMARKonTube says:

    99% fun 🙂
    Just a bit sad for the bad ending.


  6. c0mm0ns3nc3 says:

    …And of course there’s murder suicide. Like why didn’t I think of that.

  7. Tanisha HP says:

    I didn’t actually realise Rhett was that tall, maybe it’s just the hair.

  8. MarksTV says:

    Dude. Get off your phone.

  9. ScarcelyLucky says:

    Here is why Key and Peele are better than any TV personalities ever: They
    acknowledge the internet and embrace it.

  10. YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon says:

    #smartphones #getoffthephone 

  11. blauvampyroski says:

    Hilarity ensues :D

  12. Phade Gwinevere Thames says:


  13. Achromatik Design (ChrisLeroux) says:

    Drop Shadow had me in tears.

  14. JakeMiller says:

    The black guy on the left is on a show called Who’s Line Is It Anyway.

  15. Breanna McClain says:

    Rhett&Link&Key&Peele… awesome >:D

  16. The420Unicorn says:

    If they could guest star on a GMM episode that would be pretty awesome! The
    two best duos together, a duo’s duo if you will.

  17. Eric Wilsey says:

    I’m going to try and recreate all of the photos, this is hilarious. 

  18. Donny yuntwis says:

    LoL drop shadow

  19. AntiqueCrown says:


  20. Maxine Cheryl says:

    Girls at a party….Link’s face LMAO

  21. sumsum002 says:

    the flexible man lol

  22. Sosgreen says:

    Drop Shadow haha

  23. Dana Metcalf says:

    ive done that before but without the directions. so im all for it

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