How To Shoot Outdoor Off-Camera Fill Flash – HIGHLY DETAILED

How To Shoot Outdoor Off-Camera Fill Flash - HIGHLY DETAILED

In this example, Gary Fong is using the Nikon D-SLR Flash and an SB900. This includes a button-by-button, menu-by-menu explanation including hardware require…

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25 Responses to How To Shoot Outdoor Off-Camera Fill Flash – HIGHLY DETAILED

  1. razorseal says:

    How would this work if the window wasn’t there next to the light source
    (even though it isn’t a white wall, i’m sure it has some reflectivity)

  2. Neil Adams says:

    Gary, I really liked your tutorial and I will be using this technique and
    equipment very soon in the the near future. The “roller ball” thing, what
    is its actual name, I could not find online based on your description in
    your video. Would appreciate your help on this. Thanks

  3. Jad Ben says:

    chek out their website, it’s called JOBY

  4. TubeKnow says:

    The model is so beautiful, and the tutorial is awesome!

  5. Ramazan Harman says:

    comparing them with price i say lightsphere very usefull..thnx

  6. andreelisephoto says:

    Hello Gary! Love your tutorials and your lightsphere. I followed your
    tutorial and have the D7000 – when I have all my settings ready and test it
    out, my on-camera flash STILL goes off…? It’s off and the GroupB is off
    too – the only one that’s on is Group A. HELP! Thanks 🙂

  7. Rohan Katwe says:

    very importent setting u told here… thank u!

  8. Gary Fong says:

    Samuel – I have designed the Lightsphere Collapsible to have a decent
    amount of power even when pointed straight up. I could have pointed it
    toward the model, but the light source would have been a bit smaller (4″
    round vs about 5.5×5.5) The results would have been similar enough to
    barely tell the difference, but the demo was to show how efficient it is
    even pointed straight up, outdoors.

  9. Gary Fong says:

    Do you mean Canon, Nikon and Sony? It’s because these are tutorial videos,
    and I like to show the different brands rather than stick to one.

  10. Ian Angus McLennan says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks.

  11. Gary Fong says:

    Hi – no gel on the umbrella, and it is regular silver (not gold). These
    were all auto white balance straight out of the camera.

  12. chee YieJian says:

    Got a question. Why do you use 3 brands ?

  13. Wayne Ong says:

    Which metering setting should I be at?

  14. Ryan Delos Reyes says:

    Do you always point the Lightsphere upwards when shooting outdoors?

  15. dmjita says:

    what are the exif of the 3 pics? I can do it with a d5100? i own a sb 900
    clone, the only difference is the clone dont have hss.

  16. Gary Fong says:

    in close, yes. The horizontal rings produce a beautiful light like stacks
    of neon tubes.

  17. John H says:

    Can you spell out the name of that roller ball

  18. Andrew Terrell says:

    Did you have the dome on or off?

  19. Amigo Casalli says:

    Great ! i have a Nikon D7000 and a SB 900 and i use extrernal triggers…so
    now i know i can just use de the camera…. thanks

  20. Miguel Sanchez says:

    I used to use umbrellas but not any more because of the wind. I now use an
    octabox but I love my collapsible lightsphere for indoor work. I can see
    your point for having it close in since it looses light in all directions
    but enough can go forward.

  21. andrenj1970 says:

    I like your lightsphere cloud, I have two of them

  22. Samuel Smith says:

    Nice demonstration. Why did you choose not to use the cap on the
    lightsphere or point it toward the model like you did in the video
    comparing lightsphere against umbrellas. I love the lightsphere .

  23. Samuel Smith says:

    Great video. Would it also have been proper to place the cap on the
    lightsphere? Why didn’t you turn the lightsphere toward the subject like
    you did in the video when you compared the lightsphere against the umbrella?

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