How to Shoot Fireworks | Tips, Tricks, Advanced Photography Techniques DVD

How to Shoot Fireworks | Tips, Tricks, Advanced Photography Techniques DVD

This is a quick into into getting great fireworks images. It assumes you have a basic knowledge of SLR photography and are comfortable with trying new skills…
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  1. Eoghann Irving says:

    *How To Photograph Fireworks*

    So 4th of July is coming up again (where does the year go) and that means
    fireworks. Because Americans have picked the worst possible time of year to
    want to launch explosives into a dark sky what with it not actually being
    dark until after 9pm…

    I’m going to a local fireworks show tonight and as always I hope to capture
    some decent images. Here’s a cool tutorial on the basics of getting
    passable fireworks photographs.

  2. Alex Stepanov says:

    With fireworks season almost upon us it pays to be prepared. This guy
    breaks it down in a few neat foolproof steps – simple and to the point.
    Enjoy and happy shooting!

    #photography #fireworks 

  3. MichaelTheMentor says:

    @judegines I have a whole crash course training video on the XSi which you
    can order from my blog. I have a link at the end of the video. Thanks!

  4. Jason Abston says:

    Shooting fireworks is fun. I had the opportunity recently to capture some
    in Myrtle Beach.

  5. Dkntz6489 says:

    @bens8588 Look at the Nikon D3100.. great camera for beginners. Sony is
    good but I don’t like the construction of the camera … feels cheap.

  6. Mbarak Madhi says:

    i’ve sigma lens 10-20 mm wide angel ! does it will take a nice firework
    shoot ? n Thanks 😀

  7. TheFamilyguy421 says:


  8. spudd1111111 says:

    wow man, cool idea with the covering on Bulb mode i cant wait to experiment
    with it cheers!!

  9. arumikjae says:

    @bens8588 just buy a dslr

  10. Scorehound says:

    Everyone’s experiences will be different. I use an ultra wide on f/8 to
    f/11 and my results are good, bright and colorful. Not everyone has to
    shoot with ultrawide, but not everyone likes telephoto either. It depends
    on where you are shooting and what you want in the image.

  11. indoful says:

    can you do a video on flash photography? Particularly outdoors at night?

  12. ijoly says:

    GREAT VIDEO! thx

  13. Lawrence N says:

    This and all your tutorials helped allot thanks.

  14. abeer cherry says:

    استغفر الله

  15. debbiedo4u says:

    Going out to shoot tonight! Thanks 🙂

  16. MichaelTheMentor says:

    @thomasbd1000 Thank you! I really appreciated hearing from you – it means a

  17. Jeff Cheong says:

    Hi Michael, I will be doing some firework shoot tomorrow night for
    countdown event to 2013. Currently I only have 2 EF lenses; the standard
    kit lens EF-S 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS for my EOS 650D, and my EF50mm F/1.4 USM
    prime lens. In the video u mentioned 15-30mm wide angle lens and smaller
    aperture between F/8 – F/11 is preferred. What would u suggest if I use any
    of my existing 2 lenses? I thought of buying new lens but would like to
    hear from you first before plunging into another spending 🙂

  18. thehungryveg says:

    A lot of photographers recommend setting the focus to infinity – I’m
    shooting with a D5000 and the standard 18-55mm lens and I don’t have that
    option. Is there something similar?

  19. TheAnimatedPeter says:

    Bulb with a cover on the lens?!?!?! 😀 You just got yourself a sub!!

  20. dpartn says:

    Points 2, 4 and 5 are accurate. But aperture at f10?? Perhaps in some
    cases, but just to point out, I put my Canon 200mm f2.0 L prime on my EOS
    1D4 and set it on f10. Results were not that good. I opened it wide open at
    f2 and the results were breath taking! My rig was mounted on a gimbal head
    and tripod. wide angle lenses are not necessarily good unless you are up
    close and personal. Otherwise a prime 200, 300 or 400 and open up the

  21. Thomas Anderson says:


  22. JudeZilla says:

    can you make a Review of the Canon Rebel Xsi? cause i’m planning to buy
    one. thank you 😀

  23. Jeff Cheong says:

    Thanks Daniel. It’s a pity it’s drizzling here now. I doubt I’m able to
    shoot tonight :S

  24. jeffrockr says:

    sandisk extreme pro 95 g/ second . . any other idea?

  25. Chris Johnson says:

    The last tip was interesting (but sounds quite hard to master). However
    this statement was a little wrong “.. Use a timer, you don’t want to shake
    the camera at all when you’re doing these long exposures”… if you’re
    doing a long exposure and using a tripod you shouldn’t need to worry about
    camera shake from pressing the button because say you’ve got a 3-5 second
    exposure, only maybe 0.1 of a second of that exposure will be effected by
    you pressing the button and then the camera stops moving…

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