How to shoot and manage stock photography

Get 5 tips on how to shoot and manage your stock photography from popular Photographer Linus Öhman. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls and optimize the time spe…
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7 Responses to How to shoot and manage stock photography

  1. dspslm118 says:

    I’m with Jester. What photo managing software were you using in this

  2. Michael Baca says:

    Great tips! Thank you very much for sharing. Perhaps I missed it, but what
    program are you using in this video to work with your images?

  3. Natthapol Vanasrivilai says:


  4. Rysicup says:

    He’s using Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw, both come with Adobe Creative
    Suite. 🙂

  5. TTate says:

    he used adobe bridge

  6. Shriram G says:

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