How To Setup A Simple Photography Studio from Lumix Lifestyle Having a controlled environment makes it much easier to give your photos the right look. Watch this video for all the tips and ad…
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25 Responses to How To Setup A Simple Photography Studio from Lumix Lifestyle

  1. Jennifer Lewitz says:

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  2. Meshal Abdullah says:

    What a tripod !!

  3. G. Jax says:

    This was like a watching a video on how simple surgery might be to
    conduct:: Simply wash you hands with a good antiviral soap, and be sure to
    cut your insition in a straight line….. 🙂

  4. Carlos Ayala says:

    two and half years ago this was pretty crappy too. interesting that
    panasonic let this run. i guess it was any attempt to go up again canon and
    nikon in the prosumer arena. how’d that work out for you guys?

  5. dan110024 says:

    Wow… I’ve seen much better home video’s of home studio setups on
    Youtube… and this is coming from a company with a small budget more than
    some peoples annual income.

  6. Jon Voranart says:

    Love the tripod, seems overkill.

  7. Paul Waring says:

    This was basically an advert for the camera. Didn’t help me at all.

  8. empireinrecline says:

    wow, this video is really half-assed. Kudos on that view count.

  9. cockyjeremy says:

    You can’t control it. When the sun is up, you can’t make it go down. You
    can modify it in certain ways, but you can’t actually control it.

  10. sergioj21 says:

    SUB x SUB Watch the video I posted “photo studio behind camera”

  11. captainkanji says:

    Don’t forget to shoot in RAW :p

  12. Chan Ting Lin says:

    If yo are interested in photograph ,you can browse my channel ,wish you
    like it and sub it .welcome to share the recources with each other.Thank
    you very much.

  13. PhaTic23 says:

    She’s ugly.

  14. muslin backdrops says:

    Well, good enough.. Well done!

  15. TheGoldenArts says:

    @m0n4c3 seamless white paper roll

  16. floling says:

    why do you use landscape mode for a portrait? .. i thought humans are
    higher than wide .. a simple 90° would be much more efficient!

  17. Jenzel Arevalo says:

    Question: Is it possible to use a big LED Flashlight with a car sun
    reflector as an alternative light tool? I’m trying to use everyday items
    for taking portraits.

  18. tuckerfx98 says:

    Learn before you teach!!! You’re not copying a two dimensional subject such
    as an old photo or a work of art. The lighting is not flattering to the
    subject and you have terrible cross shadows on the background. This is
    nothing more than throwing light at a subject, not unlike throwing over
    ripe tomatoes or a cream pie at a politician. I remember a time when people
    learned their craft before they tried to teach it. Digital makes for easy
    access but doesn’t make one a master of the craft.

  19. PewSplat says:

    @bernhardtsen74 LMAO… That’s what I shoot with currently 🙂

  20. Pram Phon says:

    What kind of light are those? Let me know thanks

  21. ree smith says:

    Where are local places that I can get that thick white paper? What about
    Home Depot or some place like that?

  22. Zadratube says:

    Don’t forget diffusers. You can use them between the model and the sun to
    soften the light like done with any other light source.

  23. basehorhonda says:

    Big tripod for a tiny camera.

  24. eg01st says:

    This is so n00b…

  25. Mary Phillips says:

    We can certainly tell whose responses aren’t from professionals.

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