How to Set Yourself Apart – Tips for New Photographers

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20 Responses to How to Set Yourself Apart – Tips for New Photographers

  1. Jamie Chinnery says:

    I started by doing free sessions for everyone for the first 2 months (I put
    an ad up in the supermarket) while selling my landscape practice pictures,
    now I have a paying client base it also helps that I have business
    management experience. I also do the odd free shoot to keep my portfolio

  2. Angelica Vaquera says:

    Thank you so much for advise and tips on this! I’m Actually trying to start
    my own business but I am trying to improve on my skills and work first 

  3. allthingsgeek says:

    very nice video. I am a hobby photographer and love your videos and

  4. Ihsan Ibrahim says:

    i really got inspired by your way of expressing your view

  5. safeharbor7 . says:

    Thanks for your help beautiful lady, big thumbs up… Larry

  6. Joseph Saaid says:


  7. Richard Juarez says:

    Thank you for taking your time to help out other photographers whether
    they’re beginners or advance. I do appreciate your tutorials it’s an
    encouragement. Looking forward to purchase your videos. Thanks and God
    bless you!

  8. Yoosuf Muhammad says:

    Are you married? i think i am in a crush with you.

  9. Marcie Dawn says:

    mormon vibeee.

  10. msgilliam1474 says:

    Very nice video. You have a great voice.

  11. Ella Mackay says:

    Hey I’m a photographer 🙂

  12. BashStream23 says:

    you’re my new teacher! 🙂

  13. 867snapper says:

    I am new in photography and love ur tutorials but wouldnt u suggest RAW +
    JPEG? because i get the pictures perfect in JPEG so i think it would save
    time? hope to see more videos! cheers

  14. Ich Andre says:

    beautiful and informative..thanks

  15. InMyOwnWords4 says:

    You’re so beautiful and your voice is so soothing.. I’m in love! Marry me?

  16. calpitoc says:

    Anyone with a smartphone is now a photographer.

  17. Pichponnreay Suon says:

    What is the name of the software that you usually use to edit the photo in
    RAW format ?

  18. Keith Hudson says:

    Great Video. I do feel discouraged from all these “photographers”. I really
    enjoyed your video and your tips. Its nice to get the encouragement to get
    better and go above & beyond the average photographer. Thanks!

  19. kate shk says:

    This is really convincing! I would love to have you as my trainer!

  20. ALICIA FOOTE says:

    I am really excited about getting started with this program. Before I
    became a full time mother I was studying photography film television and
    the Internet at UCLA. After 12 years of motherhood and 4 children later I
    have maintained my passion for photography but am feeling a bit rusty. With
    the confidence of a refresher I know that I will feel at home doing this as
    a career!

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