How to set up a light tent for product photography: Studio Lighting

How to set up a light tent and studio lights for product photography.

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15 Responses to How to set up a light tent for product photography: Studio Lighting

  1. 82lowestreet says:

    music cool

  2. Getaheadinbusiness says:

    Information brilliant. Music is terrible. You don’t need music.

  3. TMADstudio says:

    I know the guy on the CD you were using, lol

  4. cairparavel says:

    the music is EXTREMELY distracting and annoying… makes it difficult to

  5. Maureen Isree says:

    What did the final image look like?

  6. SerbianEagle3 says:

    Annoying intro, annoying music,annoying voice. Basically you, your video
    and your light tent suck.

  7. BeefJerky Bouquet says:

    Yeah the music was a bit porn but you totally helped me set up my lighting
    for the beef Jerky bouquets, so you are all good in my book.

  8. islandsylph says:

    Meh, don’t listen to them. I was paying attention and the music didn’t even
    register – I was focussing. I just bought a godox tent (it has Velcro for
    the backdrops) and I wish these things came with instructions on how to
    fold it back down, All the twisting and fiddling, am afraid I might break

  9. Roy Gutz says:

    the music is perfect

  10. Gagan Agarwal says:

    someone get rid of the music

  11. GoodDeal123 says:

    Music is too loud, true, but where is any help at all? How is this helpful?
    Your information is made up of word like right height, proper place? How
    about spending a few seconds explaining how the lights actually affect the
    final image, the different backdrops etc.? Just watched a video from other
    dude ( smickphoto) and you can’t even compare the value. Not necessarily
    the same thing, but it’s the principle. Cheers for trying anyway.

  12. Ressa Dennis says:


  13. exist270 says:

    That is totally my face and my CD packaging design in your light box,

  14. Giorgos Asikis says:

    how many centemeters was the tent ?

  15. ShogunInteractive says:

    Sorry you don’t like the music. If it bothers you too much, I suggest you
    view one of the many other videos of light tent set up on YouTube.

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