How to review and critique Wedding Photography Hawaii wedding photographer David Murphey shares his experience to help you review and critique wedding photography. Since most cou…
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10 Responses to How to review and critique Wedding Photography

  1. Tender Films says:

    asking for unedited photos is like asking a photographer for film negatives
    just to see how much work was put into it, bad advice!

  2. perfektphoto says:

    It was shot mostly with Canon 5D mkII and 7D cameras. My normal wedding
    lenses are the 24 f/1.4 L, 35 f/1.4 L, 50 macro, 100 macro, and 70-200
    f/2.8 L. Thanks.

  3. slinkyfingerly says:

    damn good photographer

  4. Tender Films says:

    unedited, no Photoshop? don’t you mean a couple of COMPLETE wedding
    photographs, with or without lightroom?

  5. Herzen Cortes says:

    Hi David you clearly captured everyone’s wedding dream! Keep it up!

  6. perfektphoto says:

    Thanks and aloha!

  7. printedshurt says:

    great quality of photo. What camera and lens are you using?

  8. David Murphey says:

    Showing photos without any photoshop work is just like how we gave clients
    contact sheets, back in the days of film. It was an honest way to see how
    skilled you were at your craft – you got to see everything. By viewing a
    complete set of wedding photos, a client can get an idea of how consistent
    the quality is. Some photographers cherry pick just a few photos from
    different weddings to display on their websites. What happened to the rest
    of the photos from the wedding day? Aloha-

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