How to Pose Couples | Portrait Photography

How to Pose Couples | Portrait Photography

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13 Responses to How to Pose Couples | Portrait Photography

  1. Chan Mon Anrie says:

    Joe, it was my first time to watch your videos and i found them both easy
    to follow, specific, full of how’s and why’s, and most of all you made
    learning enjoyable.” Thanks, Joe.

  2. Joe Sinnott says:

    Lukas Prochazka: I doesn’t surprise me that there’s something better.
    There’s ALWAYS something better. I was trying to offer some very quick tips
    for people who may not know a lot about photography, and may not want to
    spend a lot of money on equipment. If you’re really into photography in the
    first place and have been doing it for awhile, the advice I’m offering
    might be too basic for you.

  3. Cliff Loehr says:

    Thanks – I learn so much from your videos… At 2:23 you call her “the
    chick” and at 2:53 you called them “you” and “you”. Toward the end of the
    video you started using their real names all the time. I have to think
    it’s important to make everyone comfortable so their poses and smiles don’t
    look fake. Also in the shooting families with kids video where you get the
    kids attention by simply being loud, disturbing and rude. Wouldn’t it work
    better to get to know the kids, find out want they like most and talk
    (calmly) to them about that? What I learn in your videos is to respect the
    people you shoot, get to know them, talk to them, do not yell and always
    call them by name. You get better smiles with sugar then with salt.

  4. Chitharthick VRT says:

    hi.i am from india ,tamilnadu i want know about in dooor studio setting

  5. Lukas Prochazka says:

    Those pictures dont look that great I just watched Srlouge tutorial or how
    to shoot couple and difference is so big 

  6. Roos Vrolijk says:

    They actually look cute in these pictures. Nice tricks, thank you!

  7. Daria K says:

    that was fun to watch

  8. Sam Guevar says:

    “And those are the few tips for shooting couples.” O.o Shooting Shoooooting

  9. Memphis Camera Club says:

    Tips on how posing. #cameraclub #posing 

  10. Steven Olson says:

    Thanks for the straightforward, excellent tips.

  11. Roland Mai says:

    When women sit or kneel or something like that
    there are a variety of attractive and fetching
    poses that they fall into right away.

    Men can’t do anything that way!


  12. Ge-Ar Alegoro says:

    Really nice I catch it up . :-)

  13. goldfish1871 says:

    seriously, this photographer is hilarious

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