How to Photograph the Milky Way

In this video, I take you on-location to a photography shoot in Idaho, where I teach you how to take amazing long-exposure pictures of the milky way and the …
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25 Responses to How to Photograph the Milky Way

  1. TwoOneSevenSixFiveSixFive says:

    Is it best to do this in the darkest area possible? 

  2. Gyo Kamata says:

    I use a Pentax K-30, I shot a picture at F/3.5, ISO3200, Shutterspeed at
    30sec and the pic I took looked like it was daytime. ??????My lens was a
    standard kit lens and I focused it to the limit (I don’t have Infinity) 

  3. Rohan Barrett says:


  4. Rajesh Valluri says:

    Thanks for the effort buddy, really cool picture.

  5. steven marshall says:

    thanks jim.good advice.

  6. Zac Lim says:

    I know you’re suppose to take the pictures far away from concentration of
    light sources. But that option is not available to me right now. Will some
    sort of a light pollution filter be helpful?

  7. Paul Unterlechner says:

    When i shoot 30 seconds the stars make a trail behind them because the
    earth moves in that time i think. how can i avoid that. 

  8. haro82 says:

    Excellent tutorial man. Appreciate it.

  9. Nathaniel Wheatley says:

    cheers mate

  10. JotaSketch says:

    Loved the tutorial! just what i needed for my next week night photoshoot!

  11. Rushen Bilgin says:

    thanks for the long exposure noise reduction tips!.. will try that next

  12. Stuart Coutts says:

    Awesome…thank you vey much

  13. DannyTx says:

    Sweet ! Thanks man ! and for me cold is anything below 75F lol 

  14. Philip K says:

    subscribed! :)

  15. ProDa Stig says:

    Awesome job bro, thumbs up!

  16. David Perez says:

    Out of curiosity, which DSLR did you use?

  17. Soto Motto says:

    Thanks for the info 

  18. Shawn Whitney says:

    Simple, but what I was looking for

  19. Mohammed Alwazzan says:

    thank you for that 

  20. Tanner Hoyt says:

    I love astronomy but I have no knowledge of photography. I’d love to take a
    picture like this but my camera is the new Cannon Eos I think? Do I need a
    better camera?

  21. Maher Fares says:

    Thanks Jim!!

  22. Michael Reneau says:

    Best info ever thanks

  23. Sushant H.M. says:

    nice video it helped lot tho you look like the guy who is in 21 jumpstreet 

  24. FPSB0B306 says:

    Thankyou. Very useful information. Im going to go out tonight and see if I
    can get some milky way shots and some jupiter

  25. Lamberto Cesaroni says:

    Thanks Jim, I’ll use your suggestion very soon 😉

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