How To Photograph Reflective Round Objects |

Watch this photography tutorial to learn how to photograph and light reflective round objects. Check out more photography lessons
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25 Responses to How To Photograph Reflective Round Objects |

  1. Eli666Ms says:

    thank you :)

  2. David Hoyt says:

    Thanks for you videos, they are very educational. 

  3. vincent megag says:

    Very nice video, thanks for sharing your knowledge…despite the quality of
    the sound/video, I’v learn a lot.

  4. Tom Brablec says:

    1. Lenses have minimum focusing distances, this one’s about 1/3m (a little
    over a foot). If he zoomed out, let’s say to 17mm, he’d have to get really
    close, but it wouldn’t be possible to focus very well and he’d have a lot
    of empty space in the shot. 2. Lots of lenses at short focal lengths
    distort the image, at 85mm he’s using only the center (the best spot of the
    lens), so there won’t be a lot if any distortion. 3. The closer you get and
    the longer the focal length, the shallower the DoF.

  5. noknoi says:

    Awesome! Thank you!

  6. Hellbound247 says:

    your awesome. I’m in college now and doing object photography (still life
    etc) your videos are extremely helpful

  7. LearnMyShot says:

    @meltdownman1 round reflective objects reflect absolutely everything around
    them so white would reflect as white black in this case made the balls to
    appear a bit punchier (sharp contrast)

  8. R Edmonds says:

    Great video!

  9. catelee2u says:


  10. markmirage says:

    @LearnMyShot thanks robert god bless

  11. LearnMyShot says:

    @arai1388 not sure what you mean but as a guess: the light source was a
    clamp lamp, light was projected through the vellum drafting paper (on a
    roll) did that answer your question?

  12. MrRezifier says:

    good basic lighting toturial.

  13. Sue Mchats says:

    Great thanks

  14. Allwin Williams says:

    thanks a lot….

  15. Alpesh Vekaria says:

    Hi robert where can i get drafting vellum tissue. i need to shoot some
    stainless steel subject will it be helpful

  16. meltdownman1 says:

    Curious as to a bit of the theory on light diffusion in that studio
    photographers will use light boxes and move the box closer or farther away
    or even change the intensity of the light. However, with a light box the
    distance from the light source to the front of the diffuser on the front of
    the box is fixed. You changed that in your final setup as u moved the
    diffuser closer to your lightsource. Why don’t we see lightboxes have this
    adjustment? I have not seen this done in a studio setting.

  17. arai1388 says:

    i want to ask about the white thing you used for lamp. what’s that?

  18. faith healer says:

    why is there no reflection from camera lense? Bcause of ball curve?

  19. sanjib karmakar says:

    Very useful technique. Thanks for sharing

  20. LearnMyShot says:

    @meltdownman1 I think you just came up with a million dollar product!

  21. meltdownman1 says:

    The distance you moved the diffuser to the lightsource was small but the
    effect was remarkably different. Is really that impractical to have a light
    box to be able to have this small distance adjustment (distance of bulb to
    diffuser adjustment) or am I missing the point of your last demonstration
    in moving the diffuser closer to the bulb. Since we are on the topic of
    lighting, I see you have a black background in the room. Would your results
    have changed if your room color was different?

  22. erneb vallejo says:

    very helfull…. thanks a million

  23. Charles Charles says:

    Great video What type of light did you use for this shot? Incandescing?
    Halogen? How many watts?

  24. FrostyTheBeerMan says:

    Hi Robert, great tutorial, thank you !

  25. cizzy74 says:

    Where did you purchase those stands cause im under a strict budget and saw
    those exact lighting for under 10bucks with those clamps at home depot
    other day yet no stands to use for them.

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