How To Photograph Group Portraits In FroKnowsPhoto Show #6 Jared and I discussed group portraits since we had photographed a b…

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  1. Charles Le says:

    umm. he actually shot the group at 9:22 at f11, not f2.8. And the family portrait after that was at f4, not f2.8.

  2. petermoel2 says:

    Great video, Greg!

  3. Larry Warmsley says:

    Very good thank you.

  4. jeyngee says:

    great tips, you’re a serious photographer.

  5. mrquantong says:


  6. Sir Bob says:

    Last photo. Don’t like the background, what’s that white thing on the left. Couldn’t you bring a background or use something neutral. This picture could be saved with a crop. IMHO

  7. BonusVideoView says:

    Useful tips! Please subscribe to my channel for more videos & tips.

  8. Sandy Hansen says:

    THANK YOU for doing this! I needed it!

  9. 416asshole says:

    Wake up people! this is just Youtube videos, so what if Jared leaves something out or adds extra, this is NOT a legal matter, no liability, nothing, its not rocket science!

  10. Dan Harriger says:

    If you have one person closer to the camera than the other, you will use a smaller aperture to increase depth of field. For instance, shoot at F9 or F11. This will keep everybody in focus in case some are closer to the camera than others. Make sure you use a tripod if possible since the smaller aperture will let in less light, consequently reducing your shutter speed and increasing the possibility of motion blur if your shooting hand held.

  11. bblove302 says:

    how do you photograph 2 or more people without blurring the other person?

  12. Tri Nguyen says:

    that last photo is amazing!

  13. jetbyer says:

    I think Greg does a great job of describing how he shoots and poses a photo. Very technical and matter if fact. I like his style. One fro is enough!!

  14. valdezapg says:

    he doesnt know how to read the lens data properly the candid kid portrait video he misread the lens data as well. lololol

  15. abdul haq Fitri says:

    thanks i had learn a lot from your video….

  16. Warren Ackary says:

    Thanks Greg.. that has given me idea’s as I have been watching with glass settings..
    Cant wait to test them out and corss-referance with you

  17. villan214 says:

    @gregorycazillo thanks greg!

  18. John Sarver says:

    Dude u read your metadata wrong very often…

  19. cavity1010 says:

    what about focus points? do you use all FPs?

  20. LEXPIX says:

    Great tips Greg.

  21. Matthew Valentin says:

    Wow , I learned so much from this… thanks Greg !

  22. handsomelok says:

    like it like it super like it

  23. indemaTROY says:

    Yeah, stop reading your aperture wrong. The 2.8 you see is your lens your using, look up to the middle line.

  24. blazewphotography says:

    I’ve photographed about 6 groups of dancers each group between 12 and 30 people! 

  25. HKMoo says:

    approximately 1300 people – it was a panoramic school photo =P

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