How to Photograph a Man With Off Camera Lighting

How to Photograph a Man With Off Camera Lighting

Simple quick off camera lighting tips to speed up the process of using off camera lighting. Equipment used: Nikon D4, NikonSB910 Speedlights, Pockets TT1 wit…
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10 Responses to How to Photograph a Man With Off Camera Lighting

  1. Johnny says:

    Inconsistent approach – he starts by saying that he understands that not
    everybody has a lot of lighting equipment and if he had to choose between a
    second flashgun and a pocket wizard he would go for the pocket wizard. But
    then he brings a second flashgun to lit up the model’s chin from
    underneath. It would have been a better video if he had used a reflector
    instead. I guess he needs to justify the extensive use of those pocket

  2. Robert Machado says:

    At the beggining he says “on behalf of Pocket Wizard” I think. I know what
    he is talking about because I am a pro for more than 11 years but I don’t
    think 90% of avearage users understand. He doesn’t make it clear for them
    so I am assuming this video is for advanced users. Good video though!

  3. Scott Sheridan says:

    I don’t think he is disguising Pocket Wizard’s sponsorship. He clearly
    mentions it at both the beginning and end of the video.

  4. rpgvalentine1981 says:

    the flash stands are not properly opened . The legs need to extend further
    , ( make the support beams parallel to the floor ) to get more of a grip to
    the ground . Also helps when its windy . Just some FYI

  5. fallyhag says:

    Loving your work, even if it is just a disguise for a Pocket Wizard advert.

  6. The247th says:

    Well hello Canon RT

  7. matthew Cardinal says:

    You are the man doug, would like you to do that in manual mode without the
    wizards, Just your skill, and a couple of cheap receivers

  8. rpgvalentine1981 says:

    I chose Commander mode

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