How to Photograph a Glass of Champagne with Sparklers

Happy New Year Everyone !!! Tools used in tutorial: Diffusion vellum: Tried this tutorial post your shot here: http://www.learnmyshot…
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25 Responses to How to Photograph a Glass of Champagne with Sparklers

  1. Sunil Kumar says:


  2. LearnMyShot says:

    @hyperfocus2011 I would be very interested to see your shot, upload it to
    lms using link in vid description

  3. Lydia Krow says:

    Great video, as always. Happy New Year!

  4. moviecrazy808 says:

    Happy New Year to all that LearnMyShot….

  5. Shaun Wilson says:

    Happy New Year to you as well

  6. Pornsri Sae-Ung says:

    Very tricky, Robert. Thank you. from Thailand

  7. Narong Vitooranee says:

    Thank very much for create this video…. Happy New Year 2012 …. ^o^

  8. CRANKYONE100 says:

    did you try self timer?, you can be free then to pour and no shake of
    course ;-). good clip anyway.

  9. Steven Broadbent says:

    Thanks for the tutorial, can I ask why you didn’t put it on sports mode to
    get a number of snaps in one go? I’m just a beginner.

  10. LearnMyShot says:

    @v1kkz I know we heard those stories from fellow Brits. Clamp lamps is us
    are sold in every store. lol… but people find them in Pet supply stores
    in UK… “Reptile Lamp”

  11. Namit Chaudhary says:

    didn’t you get any problems with the fumes from the
    sparkler…….especially with a that shutter speed?????

  12. MrSvSa says:

    Good vid 🙂

  13. hyperfocus2011 says:

    Great thanks! I get all my ideas from you.

  14. Alexx :3 says:

    What camera are you using?

  15. abuazooz06 says:

    Thanks a lot

  16. chandra sekaran a r says:

    Nice tutorial. which mode u preferred and what ISO

  17. manozr says:

    happy new year

  18. MrSvSa says:

    Damn clamp lamps 😛 everything is expensive in norway…

  19. BashaVic says:

    I always enjoy your video tutorials. Many thanks & Happy New Year to you
    from S wales UK.

  20. Ady Bautista says:


  21. B. Jack says:

    What iso did u set the cam. at?

  22. LearnMyShot says:

    @jerseyman9080 telephoto lens compresses perspective, so the sparkler
    appears to be right in the glass, kinda see our video titled: “Telephoto
    Lens Compression Photography Technique”

  23. ariest ock says:

    happy new year…. best my teacher in youtube ^_^

  24. Gilberto Graciliano says:


  25. Vin Dhir says:

    Aaaaaaah… CLAMP LAMP every single video!!!! Guys listen, we have no clamp
    lamps in the UK. Please Please Please tell us an alternative that we can

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