How to Light for Beauty Shots : Photography Techniques

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10 Responses to How to Light for Beauty Shots : Photography Techniques

  1. burubura says:

    ur talking about Handsome shot..

  2. Bethany Mackenzie says:

    Hello! Have you had any luck with photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My buddy
    Liam made some great photography with their video lessons.

  3. WiegerSimonMovies says:

    This is short, clear and awesome!

  4. JimmyChenPiano says:

    and here come the comments about the long-haired dude… LOL!

  5. Evita Macklis says:


  6. Nicolas Rivera says:

    What is the subject has no hair? should it be directed to the background
    wall? Thanks for the video

  7. 879twist says:

    that girl needs a shave

  8. euseermide says:

    This is a portrait not beauty. 0/10

  9. Alex Blain says:

    Weird choice of model for a beauty shot tutorial lol.

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