How to Green Screen (ChromaKey ) with Photography !

In this video we discuss chromakey (green screen) for digital photography. We cover green screen studio setup for digital photography and how to edit using o…
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25 Responses to How to Green Screen (ChromaKey ) with Photography !

  1. mohamed hayir says:

    ooow i like like like this action

  2. Errol Dillon says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! You did a great job. It was very informative. You
    can always learn something new from everyone. Wonderful job!!!

  3. Tyler Gordon says:

    Is photokey free? if not, do you have any good free picture key programs?

  4. meinusa4now says:

    Very explanatory. Too complicated.

  5. CrazyMoleMan says:

    nice. like the intro

  6. stiiaan says:

    Worst tutorial ever… 1. You can do all that in Photoshop… if you work
    as a photagrapher, you realy dont want to show your cheap programs made by
    collegestudents… nooooot good ! 2. This bored guy talks to mutch. Yes he
    knows what he’s talking about, but yes he talks to much !!!! 3. If your
    standing 130 ft from your object, you usualy get blured points at the
    modell too ! That lowers the pixelrating and resolution of your image…

  7. RobloxGamer says:

    i fell asleep at 00:03


    @STEELTOKEN420 i bought a table cover at a party city its a 5×15 feet for
    $1.99 pritty good price.

  9. sempei58 says:

    can you use screens outside, if you dont have the lights

  10. Joshua Meadows says:

    you want to create a depth of field? really lol? ……… dont need a
    large lens, also don’t need o zoom in depending on the lens. and it doesnt
    have to be on manual lol, there’s aperture priority and shutter priority

  11. fred stoll says:

    Where would buy the photo key program and will it work on a mac.

  12. Robert Harmon says:

    it’s mostly because green and blue are the colors farthest from human skin

  13. neek247 says:

    i love photo key!

  14. GeoTheory says:

    how would i diffuse a work light like the one in this video? Could I just
    place a thin piece of paper over it?

  15. StereoThrilla says:

    Dude. C’mon. It looks cheap and novice (what you have shared at least).
    When you obviously know so much (yes I am being sincere) you shouldn’t dumb
    these people down even more. Both, blue and green screen have their place,
    but… get off your ass and get out there. Use available light, scout a
    good location and most definitely try to keep it real (unless you are
    filming something sci-fi that requires some fake visual special effects
    (and be very mindful and tasteful of your choices).

  16. MyProductionZz says:

    It can. Not green screen. BUt blue 🙂 It works i use it..

  17. geyser463 says:

    i was wondering

  18. Joemamadoer says:

    wouldn’t you want a short DOF for a blurry background? to do that its more
    about aperature size, in fact most zoom lenses have a smaller aperature
    giving you a sharper background, or is the idea slightly blurry but not to

  19. superemoboyz says:

    i’m not having a great day 🙁

  20. Dannie M says:

    Great tutorial

  21. Nights Rangr says:

    This video is almost four years old, obviously stuff will get better.

  22. chris09jazz says:

    Great vid Mark, got tons of useful information. Thanks!

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