How To Do Self Portrait’s That Aren’t Cheesy

In this video, Kai gets challenged to show how to do self portraits in the most tasteful way possible.

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25 Responses to How To Do Self Portrait’s That Aren’t Cheesy

  1. IcantThinkOfAname9 says:

    Song @ 3:11 ? 

  2. Tony Wang says:

    I wonder if +Lotus Carroll agrees with this… #bathroomselfies

  3. Daniel Carlbom says:

    Good stuff by Kai if you’re into self portraiture. 

  4. UK Photography Community says:

    *Reviews of photographic equipment* *(usually) lol*

    *You might like ….*

    +DigitalRev featuring +Kai Man Wong. Kai used to live in Manchester, he’s
    now based in Hong Kong. His camera reviews are fun and informative!

  5. Norsejohnson says:

    how do you mount a camera on a pervert? o_o

  6. John Velasco says:

    Gotta love @kaimanwong’s video on How To Do Self Portrait’s That Aren’t
    Cheesy. This guy is great! via @youtube

  7. King Kan says:

    For the cell-phone-bathroom-picture takers out there!

  8. Lambros Papalambrou says:

    03:10. What about if someone grabs your camera & tripod and run? 😛 

  9. Julian Schnägg says:

    what is on the red armband ?

  10. TugarRider747 says:

    Tripod or pervert 😀
    I just love the goofyness and good willed honesty of your reviews.
    Thank all of you for making them.

  11. Rolando Ramirez says:

    3:17 i laughed so hard lol

  12. TheShooter1337 says:

    “a tripod.. or a pervert” LOL

  13. Armando VernagliaJr says:


  14. Csaba Mocsonoky says:

    *”But why mess with photobooths when you can mess with flashes and a
    D800E?”* – Wise Words of Wisdom by Kai Wong

    I love DRTV’s style of videos. Informative and hilarious at the same time.
    Also demonstrated: how NOT to bounce the falsh off the wall!

  15. Keith Johnston says:

    Great videos on taking self portraits … pretty funny look on what we all
    do right and wrong.

  16. Stefani McKay says:

    I love how he says all you need is a tripod…. or a pervert lol! 

  17. Nathaniel Kohl says:

    3:08 – Typical brit’s desktop background m8, hahaha

  18. Onex198 says:

    Char siu Bao Win!

  19. Barky Von Schnauzer says:

    “Toss pot” Boss, classic mate..

  20. Bran Chan says:

    You guys are awesome, do you have Facebook account or website?I want to
    follow you.

  21. Michael Magnuson says:


  22. Robert Lee says:


  23. Christian James-Watkins says:

    A few tips for those of you who love self portraits

  24. Bourne Wang says:

    Where did you get the camera t-shirt? I want one of that!

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