How to Capture Awesome Skies in Your Photography

How to Capture Awesome Skies in Your Photography

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25 Responses to How to Capture Awesome Skies in Your Photography

  1. Vincent dus says:

    Hmmm like it better to do the photos from scratch 🙂 So i mean without

  2. BaddaBigBoom says:

    Actually it should be: “You’re a ‘tard” (with an apostrophe indicating the
    missing first syllable).

  3. Antonio Manche says:


  4. Troy Durrance says:

    It’s “you’re” a tard…

  5. jack porter says:

    are you shooting photos in AF-S??

  6. Vishal03 says:

    Wow you have a lovely,lovely voice!!!


    Ummm, that’s not it at all. What it is is basically the “red’ dust layer of
    a sunset and its color temperature in contrast and as generated by the
    strobe. As to the shadows she points out well had she known how to properly
    diffuse the strobe as well as expose the image then the fall off would not
    have cast the shadow to begin with. Herein we have the “Prosumer” trying to
    teach as if they were a professional. Oh well time to go to bed now!


    Carla, the word is “advice” not advise. Go look it up. This has been a
    public service announcement from the stupid word police!


    Duh, in front of the portion of the light that is pointed toward the

  10. RSBSTEADICAM says:

    Because the woman doesn’t really know how to compose a photograph just to
    do “effects” and use Photoshop! Frankly the camera will take a “picture”
    without you it takes thought and an eye to make it a photograph.

  11. RSBSTEADICAM says:

    Nice video but I like using “halfs” and a variable ND to get a bit more
    control of DOF and also make the background sky pop a bit. You can always
    make things up in Lightroom bit getting it “in-camera” is where it’s really
    at. Keep up the good work.

  12. Conrado Araujo says:

    0:50 Great shot .. but WHY A DUTCH ANGLE?????

  13. LightSoundImagination says:

    I have the ability to control the weather…drop me a line with a request
    and I’ll send it your way.

  14. Al Frankel says:

    We used medium format cameras that flash synch at any speed. With that you
    just balance the exposure.

  15. AusNav09 says:

    SSSSsss SSSSss ssssSS sssSSS sorry that’s all i heard.

  16. bizzjoe says:

    the best way to capture awesome skies, is to get someone else to do it..

  17. Akandos Phang says:

    beautiful voice

  18. tucs1973 says:

    What I was wondering is… How the photographers of the 70’s and 80’s
    managed to take excellent sky pictures without Photoshop. Or… I guess I’m
    still wondering.

  19. IWSYFPhoto says:

    Not trying to say anything bad, you do nice work, but one thing stood out
    to me at around 2:02 where you state it appears “Blue Tinted”. Not sure
    what your settings are, but that sounds like the white balance is set to
    Tungsten light which is around 3400-3500 Kelvin when it should be set to
    Flash which is around 5900 Kelvin. The lower the Kelvin, the bluer the
    image will be, the higher the Kelvin the warner (yellow) it will be.
    Helpful info though.

  20. Raul Ribeiro says:

    Great vídeo…

  21. TrashRefuse01 says:

    Very disappointing…… You should re-name this video/photographic
    tutorial, & call it “How to manipulate your photographs post creation”,
    because you certainly didn’t show us how to “How to Capture Awesome Skies
    in Your Photography”

  22. nitto1320i says:

    now i understand why models is as important as composition.. the uglier the
    model the more difficult to compose your subject.. lol

  23. MissCourtinia says:

    I don’t see any ugly models in this video. All I see is that you are ugly
    because of your personality.

  24. warnaks1 says:

    wow you have a very good eyes… and thanks for sharing.. i also have thhe
    same problem/.. when i meter at the sky the subject is dark

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