How to become wildlife photographer ?

Question by Haren: How to become wildlife photographer ?
I have general knowledge of wildlife photography as my hobby (not professional purpose). Professionally I am a software programmer. Also I am not graduate in any subject. I have a strong interest to become a professional wildlife photographer. how can I proceed, I am from India. and what type of camera is good for professional wildlife photography ?

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Answer by fhotoace
Any camera that performs well in low light and uses interchangeable lenses will work fine

The major cost is going to be the long lenses and the time you have to sit patiently in the blind until the animals show up.

Most people who shoot wildlife as part of their career in photography, use a cropped sensor dSLR to add reach without spending too much money.

The shortest lens you will need is a 300 mm and those can cost up to $ 6,000, but if you shoot midday, you can get a nice 70-300 mm zoom, under $ 600.

To find cameras that perform well under low light (high ISO), you will want to spend some time on this website.

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