How much to charge for your photography

How much to charge for your photography

What to charge per hour, how much for prints? Let’s get down to it. Video shot on D5100: (Amazon: 105 DC f2: http://…

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  1. trxstudio says:

    i don’t understand shit fu.k acent

  2. petermoel2 says:

    Was quite a thrill when I told my first paying client that I’d charge $100
    ph and we should meet, so they can review my portfolio, before they hire
    me. That was a wedding shoot. The couple looked through my images and
    accepted the $100 without flinching. Made me feel really good. My training?
    Mainly YouTube videos by Matt Granger, Jared Polin, Dom Bower and hours and
    hours of shooting and reviewing the images on the computer…

  3. Chijioke Ezeh says:

    Thanks so much,it is help me so much …

  4. Lucien R says:

    Thanks, it was useful for me !

  5. ARK says:

    He’s got some pretty good ideas no doubt.

  6. ravi kanth Kotagiri says:

    Hi Sir ,

    Iam from India and i wan to work with u can u please allow me to join in ur

  7. Nicky Otten says:

    Great vid, thanks man! And love the T-shirt! Dutch here! ;)

  8. bogus135ify says:

    Why does the shirt say “don’t forget eat frico” in duch?

  9. Matt Granger says:

    @deceptikhon haha, nope

  10. VRONSKAYA says:

    thank you!

  11. Tman27261 says:

    Of course that explains the shallow DOF with him always in focus despite
    the movement…

  12. VRONSKAYA says:

    Matt, thank you for your channel! Videos are really inspiring )) I’m going
    to sell art prints and have a question: when you want to print your art
    work in a photo lab, you never send them the digital files, right? You come
    to the lab, wait till it’s printed and ask them to delete the copy? Or may
    be you sign “confidentiality agreement” with photo lab and send the files?
    I live in Ukraine and this niche is quite new, there’s nobody to ask for
    advice. I’ll be very thankful for tips!

  13. SirMo says:

    If you’re having to make a living out of it full time then you have to
    account for the cost of living, otherwise you should just keep it as a
    hobby. That’s the point Matt is making. Also one thing he sort of missed:
    When you take a job like a wedding. You have to make sure everything works.
    You probably need backup gear as well. Because that wedding happens only
    once and if anything goes wrong you have to be ready for it. The liability
    of messing up is also there.

  14. dwoodog says:

    Damn good advise.

  15. Matt Granger says:

    nah, aussie

  16. CASA says:

    I normally do price discriminiation. 3 packages for 3 types of client
    group. This way I don’t trash the market because my cheapest package is
    simply not the same product as the more expensive package competitors are
    offering. It would require less work from me and they get what they pay for.

  17. Random Human says:

    Of course not for a wedding or major event, it’s just when people have
    hundreds of descent pictures of their kids, spouse or who ever, I think
    people are less likely to pay for as many pro shoots.

  18. Matt Granger says:

    not sure sorry – Uniglo I think

  19. iZack Collard says:

    Your background is so pretty

  20. Grant J says:

    Good job Dutchie ! Groetjes !

  21. Troy Conley says:

    is 20-25 for 8×10’s an alright price?

  22. Mojoe M says:

    haha ik zie het nu pas lol

  23. boostingcav says:

    You do the best videos by far. To the point, and I love it.

  24. CW reed says:

    First and foremost, you really need to be looking at simple things, like
    your profile icon as an example. You may have spent well over 10,000, but
    gear doesn’t make the photographer, as I’m very sure Matt will agree –
    personal image and networking is key. Having a “flip-off-nuke” screams
    amateur, juvinile, and most importantly, NOT professional.

  25. Connor Thomas says:

    you seem offended?

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