How is there a market in say wildlife photography?

Question by Daniel F: How is there a market in say wildlife photography?
I’m just a little confused, don’t really know anything about the photography area and something I don’t get is how can you make any money with say some high quality photos of something like lions when there must be a million photo’s at your disposal on the internet? Also I can’t see Discovery channel or National Geographic ever being short on photos of that kind, so I don’t get how anyone makes any money doing that sort of thing let alone there even being a demand for it in the first place. Please someone shed some light on in for me!

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Answer by fhotoace
It is very limited and filled with very experienced photographers …

That said, there is always room for new photographers in any field if they are experienced and have excellent skills using their cameras.

Look here for some place to start networking.

Equipment wise, you have picked one of the most expensive fields of photography

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  1. Jim M says:

    I’d say you’re right.

    Worldwide I’ll bet there are no more than 100 “wildlife photographers” actually making a decent living from it.

    About the only way to build yourself a career in that field is to be veryveryveryvery good, promote your work shamelessly, build a following of people who just LOVE your work … and sell to them.

    I fear I’m shedding darkness rather than light on your question. But this kind of photography has always been very competitive, and near impossible to make a living with.

    And these days, it’s worse than ever!

    The only wildlife I’ll ever photograph again are the birds and lizards in my own backyard. (Or maybe a mongoose running through the parking garage.)

    Anybody want to pay me a lot of money for a really good picture of a mockingbird eating a loquat, or an anole lizard shedding it’s skin?

    Here they are:

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