How Exposure & Metering Works in Your DSLR Camera

How Exposure & Metering Works in Your DSLR Camera In this video I go over some basics…although my perspec…

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25 Responses to How Exposure & Metering Works in Your DSLR Camera

  1. thriveni saidam says:

    Great Video! Thanks for sharing!

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    and my family poor.
    my mother introduced me to “importance” iPhone app by lokesh which directed
    me to set priorities for each of the goals i work come and how to delegate
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    now, i am lot more focused and my productive has increased a lot

  2. Javier Torres says:

    My CANON T4i, lol was on spot metering

  3. Dhiren Adatia says:

    Canon mate!

  4. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Everyone needs to reinforce their basics once in a while…check out this
    video on exposure and metering! #photography #youtube

    How Exposure & Metering Works in Your DSLR Camera

  5. REDKILLARED says:

    Thanks Greg!

  6. Antonio Grubišić says:

    Great video as always.

  7. Erick Flores says:

    always on matrix

  8. soccergoaliegk1 says:

    will the manual tell you if your camera meters(for spot let say) only in
    the center of the screen or at the AF point? i’m on a canon 7D and i’ve
    tried spot metering with the AF point and the center of screen(and then
    recompose) and dont seem to see a difference. i dont use that often but i
    wanna make sure when i do i’m using it right. manual says the center of
    screen but i wanna make sure thats where is metering or if thats just
    listing as an example

  9. Mike Williams says:

    great videos they help me a lot keep them coming but sorry i shoot the
    canon 1d mark ii and the canon T1I

  10. Liesl Leonard says:

    Mine was on matrix but I am still getting frustrated with my photography,
    there is so much to think about. Which lens for which scene, which aperture
    etc the list is endless. I start to think I get it then all of a sudden I

  11. Vartan297 says:

    @rian, hey, your canon should spot meter where ever your focus point is I

  12. tuffestfish says:

    hi greg. which mode do you use for most of your shots? i use manual plus
    ttl flash most of the time. does that make sense? im thinking about shoting
    more in aperture priority, because i shot a lot for the newspaper. i lot of
    shots have to be taken very quickly. is aperture priority + ttl a good
    choice if you need to shot a lot – like on weddings? thanks for all the
    great videos, they are very good. perhaps you could make a vid talking
    about how you expose right in your everyday work (ur method)

  13. cochise82 says:

    ha, I just switched my camera to matrix mode right before watching this
    video…I feel awesome now! 🙂

  14. Gregory Cazillo says:

    If you say so:). Hopefully you are being careful what you are metering off
    of because of the example I gave at 8:57

  15. Leo Gacia says:

    Greg i have a question, I’ve been looking at the histogram of the photos i
    been taking, it looks flat on the right but the picture looks really good,
    now when i “push to the right” the picture looks over exposed. to push it
    to the right whats the first thing u consider, ur ISO, aperture or ur
    shutter. i normally change my ISO. thanx for the videos man they helped a

  16. Thomas Eklind says:

    Evaluative metering was set on camera

  17. Supiripanto says:

    I tend to use my camera in spot metering, since I’ve found that it makes me
    get what I want in the correct exposure… For example, the eyes of a girl,
    when they are under the shadow of her hair; and I look for overexposed

  18. bleyland629 says:

    Greg your a legend 🙂 Keep em coming mate 😛

  19. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Yes it should tell you.

  20. Lance J. Reha says:

    Matrix and Nikon!!

  21. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Not often, once it is set for a particular scene it should stay the same
    unless the lighting changes. You should be conscious of it but not changing
    all the time.

  22. Gregory Cazillo says:

    Many factors that would be at play there, first thing you should check is
    your aperture. If you were at a shallow DOF it could be the issue…

  23. Matt Whitby says:

    Just checked. Mine was set to ‘evaluative’.

  24. Whatisright says:

    Hy Greg. How often do you change your metering mode while shooting?

  25. brunowu98 says:

    Thank you

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