How do you sell photography?

Question by : How do you sell photography?
In a year or two, I am planning on travelling the world with my camera. My plan is to take as many amazing inspiring pictures as I can. The point of this isn’t really to make money, it’s a way of travelling the world but at the same time having a motivation to move to the next place.
I was therefore wondering if anyone knew whether a portfolio full of environmental and wildlife photography would sell or any ideas with what I could do with my photos? Thanks x

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Answer by fhotoace
I “sell” my photography to agencies, magazines and companies by taking assignments from them.

Usually the contract calls for a day rate, plus expenses. That means that when I travel, the client pays for my transportation, food and lodging as well as my day rate and any specialized equipment I may need to complete their assignment

If you contact some travel magazines before you leave and they like what they see of the work you have posted on your website, they may agree to look at your body of work once you return. Knowing your itinerary before you leave may elicit some suggestions of subjects to shoot that they might like for some upcoming articles. While this does not guarantee that they will buy your work, it will at least establish a relation ship with their managing editor and photo editor.

Visit your local library and look at all the travel magazines they have a look on the magazines masthead for the people you need to contact with your proposal. If you wait until you return the likelihood of any of your work being published demonizes to about zero

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