How Do I Photograph Motorcycles in Action? : Photography Basics

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7 Responses to How Do I Photograph Motorcycles in Action? : Photography Basics

  1. Luis Ladeiro says:

    Ladeiro Extreme

  2. Luis Ladeiro says:

    A tripod!!!??? LOL

  3. ric stoc says:

    ???? Have you ever shot motorcycle? A tripod? never lower the shutter speed
    below 1/500? extreme-foto com

  4. Ross Barton says:

    This guy has no idea what he’s talking about… I doubt he’s ever shot
    motorcycle sports in his life…

  5. Goldmember655 says:

    I see you have no idea on how to shoot motor sports, how many sports
    photographers have you seen use a tripod ??

  6. John Lorf says:

    I shoot AMA and fast Club Racers at 1/160 or 1/250 while panning with a
    Canon 70-200 L f2.8. If you shoot at 1/500 most of your image is going to
    be standing still. Granted it should be crisp but the rims are going to be
    in focus as well and not showing the cool speed blur you want to see in
    your racing images. Soccer photographers shoot at 1/500 to “freeze” the
    action… If this is the look you are going for, fantastic. If not lower
    your shutter speed to 1/250 and pan with the rider.

  7. 7i4nf4n says:

    This is very useful, thank you 🙂

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