How can I start making my photography a career?

Question by green27: How can I start making my photography a career?
I am extremely passionate about photography, and I have been told many times that I should sell some of my pieces.
Any ideas on how to get that started?

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Answer by Bob or Robin J
Hello, you could start off by going to your local community college or technical college and ask them to help you with setting up a business plan and give you referrences to talking to others in your choice of career you are looking into. That is one suggestion. You may also decide to take a few business classes or photography courses.
Call others, but not to close to your area, with the same type of business you are considering and ask them if you can set up an appointment to chat with them your possiblities and how they got started. Take a list of questions with you and that will help you stay on task.
Well, it would me .
Most people like to know why you chose them it might also be helpful if you can say something nice about their business.
We had to do this in Graphic and Web design classes. It was really rewarding and helpful I am sure it will be with photography also. By the way I love photography too.
You can download free watermark software online or buy a watermark software.
If you do put things in a portfolio online make sure you watermark them so others can not steal your work. Read about copyright and protect yourself.
I was not sure were your location was so could not suggest any college. Just check any close to home I am sure they will direct you to someone that can help. I hope I have helped in someway. Best of luck to you. And have fun!! 🙂

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  1. Charlotte Kay says:

    I originally started off as a computer graphics major but switched to photography my sophomore year. Getting a degree helps but isn’t always necessary.

    At the end of the day, a potential employer cares about your portfolio, not what grades you got in college. I have friends who have become successful photographers who either A) did not go to college and got a job based on their excellent portfolio, or B) went to college but earned a degree in something other than art and still got in because of an excellent portfolio. Either way, the portfolio matters. I’ve also known some people who had excellent grades in school, graduated with honors, but didn’t get hired because of crappy portfolios.

    You should also build yourself a website and make business cards. That’s very important because it shows people you are serious. I remember I was small time and I made a small website about myself along with simple business cards, but I passed them out and people were impressed. It shows it’s not just a hobby, but something you are committed to.

    Community colleges are excellent for photography degrees. I started with an Associate Degree, but you can also get a certificate which is just as good. Most people get those if they already have a Bachelor degree in something else.

    And if you do decide to go to college for it, make sure you JOIN CLUBS! Almost every college that offers an art degree has a photography club. They often have exhibits, and that would be good for exposure. It will also be something you can put on your resume. I was featured in four photography exhibits while I was in college and that impresses people.

    Also, and this is big, never EVER do work for free. Always charge. If word gets out that you are doing work for free, expect people to take advantage of you. I remember I did free headshots for a friend of mine who was studying acting, and she told a lot of other people about it. Soon I was getting work, but then people wouldn’t pay me. Always make sure you agree on a price beforehand (perhaps even getting them to sign a contract, that way if they skip out on payment you have proof) or maybe even having them pay up front. I always had them pay half the amount in cash before a photo shoot, and then collect the rest afterwards.

    Good luck!

  2. Gothic Girl says:

    I agree with the first person. Also, You can sell your peices if you feel comfortable doing it. I dont know any great sites you can sell them, but, Flicker, and Ebay or Amazon are good starts to sell prints. If you are interesting in doing photography with people, start off doing people you know and they can pass along that you are doing what you are doing. As long as you have a good eye for it and really want to do i then you will do well. I know currently I am just doing people I know this way I can feel comfortable doing people.

  3. Jeroen Wijnands says:

    Start by getting some objective views on your work. Then consider if anything has any commercial value..

  4. Tim Mack says:

    I think a really great idea is submit your photos to stock photography sites such as istock photo.
    This makes you a business owner instead of an employee.

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