Happy Halloween – 2012


It’s Halloween and my Dad would have been 94 today. I shared the sentimentality of the day in a Sunday Morning Reflections post yesterday, but this is Halloween and it’s hard to get serious with memories like this one.

The year is 2012 and they did a Halloween dinner dance in my Mom and Dad’s building. We got the entire family into the act. Dad, as Michelangelo’s David was the hit of the night. All it took was a wig, an apron and Dad’s sense of humor. In the end we won the award for best costumed family! Even Molly the Wonder Dog got into the act as a pumpkin!

And, Mom’s Alzheimer’s took a little break that night. That smile on her face couldn’t have been more genuine. She never stopped laughing!

So, on this October 31, I’m wishing you Happy Halloween and a day of nothing but great memories as you look back on the “trick or treats” of the past!

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