got Lunacy?

Project Lunacy is coming up this fall and they’re down to less than fifty spots left. Watch the short video below as Sal Cincotta fills you in on what it’s all about.

Project Lunacy has gotten even better than what Sal shared above – they’re limiting attendance to 150 people! Imagine the benefits of a small conference like this, especially with time to interact with the instructors and other photographers.

In the last couple of years Sal and his team carved out their own little piece of photo industry history. They started with Shutter Magazine online, then brought Shutter Magazine to print. They created one of the most beautiful high quality magazines in imaging today. Then they added ShutterFest with great programming, hands-on shooting and a networking experience unlike any other conference.

When Sal said he wanted to do another small conference this year, everyone told him he was nuts! Well, if you know Sal, then you know he loves a challenge and *poof*, Project Lunacy was born.

It’s coming up November 8-9 in Tucson and promises to be a solid educational experience, not to mention “fun”. Remember “fun” ? It’s one of those words that’s too often lost beneath all the baggage of running a business. 

So, click on the banner below to find out more information and register. With the program already two thirds full, this a you snooze you lose scenario! If you can make it to Tucson in November than make it a point to register today!

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