Good affordable cameras for photography?

Question by unknown.: Good affordable cameras for photography?
Any good brands that make for a clear image.
I have just took an interest in photography for fun so I have no clue about any cameras.

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Answer by Gabby Blakeway

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  1. B.E.I. says:

    It has more to do with the photographers skill and experience than it does the camera itself. I have seen better images from a professional with an entry level DSLR than a person with no experience and a $ 8,000 camera.

    Only YOU know what is “affordable”. To some people, $ 50 is affordable and to someone else it might be $ 500/$ 1,500/$ 10,000. It is better if you were to say “I have $ xxx and I am looking for a camera within that amount”.

    Going by your comments, a good P&S or a “bridge” (advanced P&S) camera would be a good place to begin your photography hobby.

  2. Joshua says:

    you should use an dlsr camera. not a point and shoot. you cant reeally go on with a point and shoot. i mean a point and shoot camera is good for lots of things BUT professional photography and all that stuff.
    pluss, you can always upgrade your slr camera

  3. Forlorn Hope says:

    any camera these days will do…

    for fun, you might be best with a point and shoot or bridge camera – if you want to develop your skills…

    but a waterproof camera would be fun to use…

  4. Brit Jonghzen says:

    Even though you do not Require a DSLR to discover the core concepts about photography, it really aids to have a camera even though its not digital. It is a really hands on sort of point to discover along with the camera and lens should turn out to be one unit with your mind. At some point, you’ll know your way around it like you recognize how to get house. The functions of your camera will must be discovered and memorized in order that you don’t need to stare at it asking yourself, now what do I do once more… Use a camera with at least 8 megapixels if using a digital camera. Check out the Canon 5d if you are serious, but just getting started.

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