Fstoppers Original: How Sports Illustrated Photographers Shoot Football.mp4

Full post at http://fstoppers.com/fstoppers-original-behind-the-scenes-with-sports-illustrated Fstoppers travels to New Orleans to interview Sports Illustrat…
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25 Responses to Fstoppers Original: How Sports Illustrated Photographers Shoot Football.mp4

  1. Martin Helthuis says:

    Theres no 500 2.8 from Canon or Nikon.

  2. marlon mendoza says:

    Amazing lenses

  3. raredreamfootage says:

    These guys would be jobless if they allowed fans to bring whatever camera
    they so choose into the stadium. Here in Vancouver, they limit fans to
    70mm maximum for lenses.

  4. John Rambo says:

    I’ve always loved the pics in sports illustrated.

  5. Joshua Semrok says:

    Did i just see someone shoot in Raw+basic instead of fine? 1:20 awesome
    video tho.

  6. Demetrius Perry says:

    Dream job of mine. How do I go about getting credentials?

  7. Angelo Guardia says:

    Hell yeah!!! this my life!

  8. blacksoundtv says:

    my dream job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Sportz Photoz says:

    Interested in sports photography, see this video.

  10. Cameron Poindexter says:

    How Sports Illustrated Photographers

  11. Kevin van den says:

    Surprised too see they shoot raw as well.. And do they shoot with an

  12. Jorge Reyes says:

    Fstoppers Original: How Sports Illustrated Photographers Shoot Football.

  13. Kevin van den says:

    “You need something wide, like a 70-200mm…”

  14. snoopyonline4tv says:


  15. Andy Lee says:

    Worth a look if haven’t seen it yet.

  16. John Geliebter says:

    Worth a look if haven’t seen it yet.

  17. Sebastien Grobelny says:

    Interesting video about sports photography.
    Have a nice week end and may your team(s) win

  18. Inkdrocket says:

    @ashkibala1 Like the video said, you start usually at the bottom. Its sadly
    very unlikely that you can just send photos of still models or so to huge
    magazines like SI and get straight to NFL. You can go to local kid leaque
    or something, shoot few pics and ask local newspaper to publish em or offer
    to take photos for it while they send reporter to do writin. Then you build
    your portfolio and get to bigger newspapers..then other newspapers. Maybe
    in 10 years you could get to international paper;)

  19. henrooo says:

    Great insight.

  20. Andrew Gregg says:

    This is and probably always will be my favorite video from you guys. I’ve
    watched it at least 30 times. More videos like this please.


    yeah i just got inspired

  22. quandom2 says:

    haha good eye

  23. dorucreo says:

    02:09 wtf??? stitching in photoshop gone bad?

  24. krc7878 says:

    best video so far! thank you!

  25. Chuck Lane says:

    Yonny: Yes, I heard that. But I’m talking about area metering, not speed or
    f-stop. If you’re shooting a target that’s heavily back-lit, using center
    or spot-weighted metering, no matter which mode you are using (except P,
    usually), you’ll have less guesswork on exposing the subject. All decent
    DSLRs have that tool, and it’s crazy not to understand it and use it.

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