FroKnowsPhoto LIVE Q and A #001 – Photography How to I decided to go live for the first time in a little while and I really hope to go LIVE more often to answer all of your ques…
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  1. Even Ødegård says:

    Oh, i was just about to go to sleep.. Guess i have to wait 50 minutes to

  2. Jared Polin says:

    @JustClickPhoto People want to know the 35mm equivalent so you multiply
    every single lens to get that. If we spoke in DX terms than yes 18mm would
    be an 18 mm but we speak in 35mm terms so people want it multiplied.

  3. computergeak says:

    Mr. Fro I don’t know how well you like landscape and macro shoots but I
    think it would be cool if you could do a 15 minutes quick shoot where you
    go out and shoot as much as you can in 15 minutes of places and stuff. I
    think that would be really cool and people could learn alot from your
    adjustments on the camera, like me… 🙂 Thanks Fro and keep up the great
    work! Your Friend Computergeak

  4. Melanie Richards says:

    you have a bogan tripod… we have bogans here is Queensland, but the
    bogans are people. lol

  5. Jared Polin says:

    @jh3835 that u do not know.

  6. Jared Polin says:

    @computergeak sure landscapes it is, thats a tough one for me.

  7. so4ragb says:

    Your clips are so informative. Thanks a lot Fro !

  8. Even Ødegård says:

    jared, how much do you make a year as a photographer?

  9. zoisgs says:


  10. walkabout16 says:

    Ustream would give you the chatbox plus live video streaming

  11. niv zigdon says:

    watching in israel…..but ustream didn’t work….sucks

  12. Daniel Pryce says:

    and are you selling any lenses, like cheap lenses.

  13. Jared Polin says:

    @FloppyHatPhotos no price or date yet but It will probably be around $397
    which you will make back simply by booking a 2k wedding which i will show
    you how to do.

  14. Daniel Pryce says:

    kk i’m 16, best tip to get jobs, take as much photo’s as possible, with
    friends when you go on day trips with them, post on facebook, tumbler,
    fro’s fourm , like he said get out there then ask local bands to see if you
    can photograph their concert for free, this get’s you out there, chances
    are they ae going to invite you back and meet other people talk, you know
    just ask for jobs work for free if you do a good job guarrente that your
    going to get invited back and get paid.

  15. Daniel Pryce says:

    @tardis1996 yeah, the system works, i photograph for local bands now and
    i’m moving up,

  16. FloppyHatPhotos says:

    How much and when will the Wedding DVD be out? Can we pre-order? Thanks

  17. JustClickPhoto says:

    Thats not TRUE BRO.. A DX lens on a DX body is NOT USING THE MULTIPLE
    FACTOR… I work for NIKON in the R&D department.. The crop factor of a
    DSLR comes into play when a lens designed for a 35mm film camera or a “Full
    Frame DSLR” is used on a DSLR with a smaller image sensor such as an APS-C

  18. cndoorack9 says:

    ***pretty neat idea

  19. Lillen Pattinson says:

    Hey Jared, I was wondering if you could do a video or a series of videos
    that showcase how you got into photography? Being a young photographer my
    self I’m not sure what courses to take in university to further my
    education. That being said, you could discuss ideas in the video/videos
    about how you became interested in photography and what you did to achieve
    the success you have today. Thanks so much.

  20. Jared Polin says:

    @melsdowninit ha thats funny.

  21. Gordon Kerr says:

    Your comment about AF is not correct .Canon is close to Nikon if we are
    talking top of the range cameras.The pro Canon is very close to the pro
    Nikon, BUT with all other cameras in the range, Nikon AF is superior to
    Canon at this moment in time. End of story.

  22. jh3835 says:

    On 24th they r releasing d4 and d800 info

  23. Jared Polin says:

    @OceanStudiio lol.

  24. owen walters says:

    if you make the wedding movie,, i will certainly purchase

  25. jh3835 says:

    @JaredPolin i know you cant post unconfirmed info like that on your
    channel, but i read an article where it quotes reps from nikon who says
    that they are going to release info on the d4 and d800.

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