Flower Photography

International photographer and author Sue Bishop leads an on-line course on flower photography. http://www.my-garden-school.com/course/flower-photography/ Yo…
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6 Responses to Flower Photography

  1. Anna Rubato says:

    Invaluable advice very well illustrated. Thank you.

  2. Robert Strong says:

    So what is the best setting on a canon xsi to photograph flowers?

  3. Nemanja Tomic says:

    Mode “A” and aperture set to minimum number, zoom in, use tripod, focus
    manually, cloudy day works best, forget it if its windy, get low to flower
    level or even lower when possible, …good luck

  4. Davide Natura says:

    really great shots!!! 🙂 if you like nature photography visit my channel 😉

  5. Christine Heidelbaugh says:

    simple and to the point… thanks

  6. Pro1er says:

    Ms. Bishop, I bought one of your flower photography books years ago when
    you were still shooting film. It was one of the better books on the subject
    and I still recommend it..

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