Film Photography vs Digital Photography – a shoot out of sorts. Here I show the differences and similarities of shooting with film …
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25 Responses to Film Photography vs Digital Photography – a shoot out of sorts.

  1. DeusExAstra says:

    The one on the right is basically the same as the left, just with grain.
    That graininess can be added in Photoshop. Complaining that your digital
    pics dont look grainy like film is like complaining that you cant take B&W
    pics with digital like you can with B&W film, so digital must suck.

    I’ll take digital any day, and leave the film cameras to the hipsters.

  2. FHG Digilink says:

    I would have to agree with Brent Long on this one, the tonality is
    definatelty different within these two shots. That being said the digital
    image still holds up. Cheers Pete.

  3. garmyyo says:

    What if, instead of comparing both in a digital format, you printed the
    digital and did a comparison of prints?

  4. Rodrigo Vazquez says:

    having less shoots is definetly not a valid argument

  5. Foivos Loxias says:

    Film is a religion with a god you can actually see.
    My 1st camera was a OM1n, back in 1976, I love film and I miss film. I
    shoot with a Canon A1 + FD 55mm f1.2 one roll/month just to keep in touch.
    There is no way I am gong back to film though. 

  6. wovokanarchy says:

    The afro- dude looks like the actor from Fame.

  7. Anastasia Otto says:

    We have the same film camera!

  8. berto1999 . says:

    Obsolete Video. Today, 2014, digital photography is better than analog
    photography. Ok, some conservative people love analog photography,
    phonograph, Cassette deck, old-fashioned manual burr-mill coffee grinder,
    cine-camera. But today, the digital world is better also…from the point
    of view of the resolution. Only the viewfinder in digital cameras is still
    primitive. The viewfinder of the digital camera is still just a PEEPHOLE!

  9. Matthew Vaughn says:

    Now do Medium and Large Format Film. You’ll be glad you did!

  10. George Bartolo says:

    No thanks I’ll stick to digital I enjoy it a lot more. 

  11. pinkeye00 says:

    All propaganda. If you are’t shooting in manual in digital … then you
    aren’t being a photographer. Its a skill-set based on skill … not
    equipment. That’s all I’m saying.

  12. Daves Archives says:

    Have found that film has the ability to capture much more to Tonality than
    digital can in it’s current format. Also with a medium format film camera I
    have seen sharpness to be a much higher rendering then current 35mm cameras
    in the digital format. These findings are completely objective when
    observed under a high dpi scan. With that said I feel that digital cameras
    will eventually catch up to the qualities of a medium format camera in the

  13. Keyo chan says:

    I’m watching this video because my dad find his Canon AE 1 program and I
    really want to learn of this I Really didn’t knew he likes them on this 15
    years and I Really like photography Im always taking pictures to everything
    and it’s get me happy that my dad at his 22 years (past) like photography
    to …now he kinda forget how to use it xD :)

  14. mashersmasher says:

    the one on the left does not look as sharp in allot of places because i’m
    guessing the nikon focused on the face where the zenit was focused on the
    shirt. Chances are the lens on the zenit was also allot sharper than the
    nikon since allot of russian lenses are very good copies of zeiss and leica

  15. MrYogibehr says:

    This argument will continue into eternity. There is no sense arguing about
    this subject. Just use the medium you like, and get over yourself.
    Why can’t a pro use auto modes on his or her camera? That is the whole
    point of modern cameras, to make it easier for photographer. If auto modes
    make you less of a photographer then why do they put these modes on pro
    level cameras?

  16. Marlon Bishop says:

    Your digital shot has more middle range tonality than your b&w… what kind
    of film did you use?

  17. 33lp84 says:

    I’m really surprised you can find cheap soviet camera in USA! For the
    anecdot ,I’m french and I was travelling to New York in January ,my aparel
    is a Zenith C ,and at the airport when the guy see the “cccp” logo on it
    …the control was long and fastidious..

  18. Lane Williams says:

    digital = gas bbq

    film = charcoal 

  19. Ricardo Criniti says:

    Great video. Thanks for the valuable info. 

  20. Birat Lama says:

    how did you change the film negative photo into digital photo ?

  21. steven klang says:

    whos left ur or mine

  22. smitbar11 says:

    The image on the right, shot with the Zenit looks superior to me, it is
    sharper for one thing. Look at the sleeve on his tee shirt where it
    surround his arm, clearly sharper plus the shadow in his arm pit is true
    black and looks more natural. People mocked the cheap and cheerful Soviet
    Zenit camera’s but a lot of the images taken with them are very good, their
    in house Helios lenses were always superb optically and very affordable. We
    should never take film for granted, digital photography has been promoted
    with a lot of hype! 

  23. PerfectoDigital says:

    Digital = Justin Bieber
    Analogue = Wolgang Amadeus Mozart

  24. James Schofield says:

    Actually at my art college we scanned in 35mm film at 12600 dpi, we got
    images of 12600x 18000 (on an Epson v750 flatbed) Not even our d800’s get
    close to that.

  25. pee cee says:

    Sorry, kind of disagree how the right one is better.
    The left side of the face is over blown, no detail at all. The softness on
    the left photo is more eye pleasing as a portrait. But if you want to bring
    in so called artistic point of view into the equation and it becomes a
    matter of personal interest.

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