Essential Photo Gear – Kwik Camo Photgraphy Blind

Outdoor Photo Gear’s Chris Klapheke reviews the Essential Photo Gear – Kwik Camo Photgraphy Blind.

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21 Responses to Essential Photo Gear – Kwik Camo Photgraphy Blind

  1. scott gillespie says:

    ehhh dunno about that looks ok but if he had to move tht lense or try to follow a bird it looks like it wld just get wrapped round the bottom of the tri pod

  2. Mchayit says:

    It’s so funny. What you gonna do if a tiger is running to you ?

  3. The21stCenturyGeek says:

    it’s like a magic trick

  4. xx3A1 says:

    how mutch??? send to Brasil?

  5. ImJuanka says:

    APG Max 4……. 1:15.

  6. BigRooster747 says:

    what is that pattern called?

  7. BigRooster747 says:

    Hi Chris, nice vid! Your let name suggest Dutch or Belgian origin. Klapheke is ‘swinging gate’ in english….

  8. Darryl Davis says:

    What would happen if you need to escape

  9. Samuele Maggio says:

    The best lens

  10. Sssmoothy says:

    3:02 Where did you go??!!

  11. jun ling says:

    CONTEST GIVE AWAY ! Green Screen Contest ( Open / World wide July 12, 2012)

  12. Martyn White says:

    haha 😉

  13. PuertoRicanVideo says:

    Is that what she said?

  14. 90sloverman says:

    really nice 

  15. thefitagent says:

    I just bought the blind from your site thanks to Tony Bynum’s recommendation and your video here.

  16. j4416m says:

    hahahaha omfg is this a joke?

  17. AppleAddict99 says:


  18. 34thncrenshaw says:

    I’ll take the camera..

  19. Martyn White says:

    It’s a bit small

  20. David Dart says:


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