DSLR tutorial: How do I master shutter speed? | lynda.com

Does your footage look too choppy? Are action scenes a streaky mess? It might be because your shutter speed isn’t set properly. Fortunately, shutter speed is…
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7 Responses to DSLR tutorial: How do I master shutter speed? | lynda.com

  1. Ivan Calcano says:

    Very short but it is good info to know when i buy a camera

  2. Ivan Calcano says:

    What shutter speed do we use if we wanted to take a clear picture of Flash
    running lol

  3. kuunami says:

    I’ve shot the flash running before. I usually shoot him at
    shutter speed.

  4. SarasDVS says:

    or you could get fast shutter speed and edit exposure in a video program.

  5. helpaholic says:

    Ya you really thought out what you were going to say, next time do it 50
    times on camera before posting even if you have to lay on your back yes
    that’s right on your back !!! Remener at least 50 times memory cards make
    you or break you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Denys Shyrokov says:

    Very short episode.

  7. tarunbirsingh vohra says:

    nice and great video very helpful

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