DSLR Camera Focus Tips

http://www.steeletraining.com – Get sharp photos with your DSLR camera with these five professional focus tips from photographer Phil Steele.
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  1. ReignBeauHounds says:

    Thank you – very helpful!

  2. candicherry1987 says:


  3. Awesome Possum says:

    Thank you!

  4. Bertminator says:

    Thank you those tips I’m sure will help greatly

  5. Jay Dub says:

    great tips

  6. Bertminator says:

    What tip can you share for getting that “sharp” image? I find that
    closeups work pretty good, but when I shoot a subject at about 10 – 20
    feet away, although the image seems clear, when I zoom in on computer OR
    camera, that the subject itself has an un crisp rather dull focus, almost
    as to say that it’s not really focused. Now granted I am using my “kit”
    lens (that is usually not that great quality) and I DID do the fine-tune
    adjustment on the lens, but would it be better if I shot the image with my
    older Pentax “m” 50mm or 80 – 200 mm. lens? I have a Pentax K-50 with
    18-55mm kit lens at the moment.

  7. Tim Perry says:

    nice bass, man!

  8. Yancey King says:

    Love it! Thanks!

  9. muhudu_videos says:

    Hello! Have you ever tried – Pycane DSLR Camera Tricks (google it)? Ive
    heard some extraordinary things about it and my father shot some great
    photos with it.

  10. Chris George says:

    Brilliant! Thanks. :)

  11. Sehrish M. Javaid Meraj says:

    Thank you

  12. Billy Linn says:

    This is a good video on focusing. It would have been nice to catch this
    video before I had to learn them all the hard way!

  13. Servet Aa says:

    Sir, how about focus in video recording? I see in the reviews DSLRs lose
    their focus a lot if objects are moving or people are trying to focus on a
    new object. Any way to avoid that problem?

  14. Saing Sowichea says:

    Thank for your kindly sharing. :D

  15. maverick says:

    great Thanks !

  16. Mohit Rajasekhar says:

    hi Steele I’m really glad to let you know that your website has everything
    which a photographer needs…yeah,thanks for that..
    So here’s my question…what type of focusing mode should i use to get
    sharp sport shots..very recently i went for a sport event and i faced a big
    problem on the line,i could not focus the runner properly who was running
    quickly..what kind of technique should i use and also what type of focusing
    technique should i use for bird photography

  17. TheG7thcapo says:

    Well presented video…… Straight to the point…. Thanks for uploading

  18. rachid ouafiki says:

    so infomative thnx sir

  19. Karl Merchant says:

    The first part of this video should be called “Canon DSLR Focus Tips”

  20. Roberto Binetti says:

    Thanks,great work!

  21. trinhk says:

    Fantastic tutorial. Thank you so much. One question I have for you, I
    tried focussing on my subject and then recomposed. However when I
    recomposed, somehow I lost my focus even though I am half pressed on my
    shutter release button. Why is that?

  22. tkjaikumar kesav says:

    Best tips.. its very useful 

  23. Shum Ka Yeung says:

    thanks alot :3 

  24. Monte Costa says:

    Very helpful.. Thanks

  25. Eddie White says:

    Good tips indeed!

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