Digital Photography Tips For Beginners 101

So, you’ve finally bought your first digital camera? Congratulations! You’re probably excited and you’re wondering where you could find some digital photography tips to help you great photo results. The best advice to digital photography beginners, is that you need to practice. You need to get out there and get those pictures!

What are the mistakes that photography beginners make?

The first mistake that beginners usually make is putting too many images in one picture. The whole picture becomes one messy unfocused picture. This is not fun to look at. It’s confusing, so people would not really want to look at it.

Another mistake that beginners usually make is not bothering to create more artistic and focused photos. The picture need not be center-oriented. The goal is to create photos that are good regardless of what angle you look at it and regardless of what side of the picture you stared at. The last mistake of a digital photography beginner is taking pictures without really knowing how to handle the camera properly. They end up with pictures that are overexposed, underexposes or blurry.

Digital Photography Tips

If you are new to digital photography, here are some digital photography tips that would serve you well as you are learning the craft and developing the skills of creating great pictures:

1. Familiarize yourself with your camera. This may seem dreary to you but this is important. If you want to know what your camera is capable of doing, learn what its limitations are and how you can maximize its use. This will help you create great pictures.

2. Practice taking pictures. The art of photography is also a skill. You’ll get better at it as you practice more.

3. Take as many pictures as you can and want. Most digital cameras have memory cards that would allow you to take as many pictures as you want. You can also get an extra memory card so you can take more pictures.

4. Use your camera’s features and maximize its capabilities.

5. Learn how to frame your shots. This is often the mistakes of beginners. They do not know how frame their photos properly. So, they could place the photo’s subject dead center. They could end up cutting the face or placing the subject too far right. Good framing would make a big difference in the outcome of the picture.

6. Learn various compositional techniques. Again, you could avoid the second biggest mistake of most beginners by shifting the subject of center to either the left or right. Avoid placing your subject on the middle of the photograph.

7. Take more close-ups. They are more striking and interesting.

8. Be conscious of lightning. Bad lightning can ruin what should have been a good shot.

9. Don’t be afraid to explore and to try out new shots.

10. Never forget to take photos as memories. These types of photos have more heart.

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